10 traits that make a great digital leader

Posted by media on March 7, 2017 at 9:00 AM

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The renowned MIT and the consulting company Deloitte have just released the report Aligning the Organization for Its Digital Future, in which they surveyed 3,700 business executives. Nearly 90% of those surveyed believe that all traditional industries will be moderately or greatly affected by digital disruption.

This information contrasts with the perception of 44% of respondents, who think their organizations are not ready for that challenge, and 32% who admit their companies are still in the early stages of their digital development.

We have already addressed in this blog how to face the digital transformation, but today we will focus on establishing which traits leaders should possess in order to successfully guide this process, and to strongly position their company in this new hypercompetitive digital economy

This post is also available in Spanish.

10 ways of doing things that distinguish a digital leader

1. True digital leaders cultivate a dynamic corporate culture in their teams that encourages risk taking and agility, more than respect and complying with the chain of command.

2. They integrate their digital strategy with the business’s overall strategy, by thinking not only about income but also about the changing environment and how to adapt to it. Moreover, they constantly assess whether the customer experience they are offering to their clients is at the same level as their products and services.

3. They hire leaders capable of driving and consolidating changes, and encouraging a collaborative culture. Therefore, they give priority to getting ahead in the future, developing in a changing environment and collaborating for their talent-attraction strategies.

4. They attract, engage and retain digital talent, and they also empower employees to develop their digital knowledge and skills.

Real digital leaders
attract, engage and retain
digital talent.

5. They aspire to move their companies forward, because if they are satisfied with their sector, their market share,  the products and services they offer, they are destined to a rapid obsolescence.

6. They can break down departmental barriers, avoiding that their business units work as isolated entities, and encouraging collaborative environments with a healthy competition.

7. They value highly and invest in innovation.

8. They make drive decisions with data, instead of just using instincts or hunches. Great leaders provide the organization with high-end analytics tools and a large amount of information.

9. Digital leaders don´t look at the present to find the most innovative companies and imitate them. They, instead, try to foresee the future in order to get their organizations to lead in the innovation race.

10. Lastly, they aspire to the so-called digital congruence. This increasingly widespread term describes organizations where culture, team, structure and tasks are perfectly aligned with each other, which allows them not only do deploy their business plans in an agile and efficient way, but also to rapidly adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing landscape.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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