10 unbeatable tips for boosting your productivity this summer

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Working in summer is perhaps more challenging than during the rest of the year: temperatures soar and offices are abandoned by employees for their holidays. The temptation to turn everything down a notch abounds, making maintaining productivity levels during July and August particularly difficult.

There are however a series of very effective ways to overcome summer apathy and maximize the relaxed office environment, not only to increase your productivity but also to review routines, habits and work processes as well as to make improvements on time for September. Moreover, this moment is perfect to catch up and read all those posts, articles and books collected during the year but which have remained untouched due to a lack of free time.

Read on for 10 unbeatable tips to increase your productivity during the “silly” season.

This post is also available in Spanish.

10 tips to be more productive this summer

1. Determine your priorities

Determine what you can realistically achieve during the summer months, and focus on that. Make an overview of everything you want to accomplish and also review the goals set earlier in the year and consider whether you have achieved them or not. Make a list of to-dos and prioritize them in order of importance.

2. Rethink how to do your job

Take advantage of your lighter workload and coworkers’ absence to reevaluate how, when and where you work. Don’t miss this opportunity to try out new tools that facilitate your daily tasks, or working at atypical times of day when you tend to be more productive - and not necessarily from your office, either. Have you thought about checking out that coworking space near to your house? Perhaps it’s an ideal time to live experience of working in a space with other professionals who are not necessarily your coworkers.

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3. Set boundaries between work and leisure time

One risk of making our work routine more flexible is that we end up failing to complete tasks set as well as not enjoying our free time properly. Avoid this by using a calendar to establish when, where and how long each task should take, and determine what times of the day or the week will be fully devoted to leisure and rest. It’s important to be realistic here to have a fighting chance of making good on your plan.

4. Don't hide from the sun

For some people, the biggest challenge of working during the summer is the thought of people suntanning, relaxing and swimming in the sea. Don’t get too affected by the fear of missing out (FOMO):  summer sun and the laid-back atmosphere can easily be incorporated into our work routine. How? Have meetings in outdoor cafes and restaurants, or spend a few days working in the garden or on a hotel terrace.

5. Take the opportunity to break out your routine

Flexible working hours in summer equals a great opportunity to think about everything that you simply do not have time for during the rest of the year: new ideas, new approaches to work and even new career paths. Don’t just limit yourself to daydreaming: experiment with new work processes and even set new personal projects in motion.

6. Rethink your vision

For company or department executives, summer is the ideal moment to carry out a mid-year review and determine whether everything is going according to plan. If you detect deviations or a lack of progress, take the time to figure out what steps should be taken to straighten out  the direction, or perhaps consider whether it is the company vision what should be revised.

7. Apply new methodologies

At some point during the year you’re likely to have read such-and-such an article with tips for increasing your productivity at work. However, it’s not uncommon for such advice to go in one ear and out of the other: changing a daily routine requires hard work, even if it’s for a positive end.That’s why the calmer summer months are the perfect time to implement changes. Start with something simple like the Pomodoro technique, which involves allocating time intervals of 25 minutes to each different task, taking small breaks in between each segment - why not try it now?

8. Expand your knowledge

Another way to turn the flexibility and lack of stress characterizing summer office hours into an advantage is to spend the time learning new things related to your job or any other areas of interest. Many companies make training resources available to employees for such occasions and on the MOOCs network there are plenty of online courses available to improve skills, both professional and personal.

9. Exercise

“A healthy mind in a healthy body” is a wise adage that we might recognize without ever putting into practice - often due to a lack of time. Summer should not be a time to stop exercising, even though the heat typically means that jogging is off the agenda. A more practical option is to sign up for swimming or other water sports classes at the local gym. In addition to keeping up some form of physical exercise (whose positive impact on our mental health is scientifically proven) to do sport regularly in the down months can help establish a long-term routine, making it easier to maintain for the rest of the year.

10. Enjoy the small pleasures in life

Summer affords us many pleasures that are not incompatible with productivity: enjoy the luxury of eating seasonal fruits and vegetables for lunch with the remainder of your colleagues who also didn’t go on holiday or sip on a refreshing ice tea or cocktail outdoors at the end of your workday. Taking time for yourself is always important, and summer gives us both time and space to relax and realize that by not having such pleasurable moments, we run the risk of seriously compromising our motivational levels.

From all of us at Signaturit we wish you a happy and productive summer, both to those  going on vacation and those spending the next few weeks in the office. The most important thing is that when  September arrives, you feel that you’ve truly made the most of your time!


This post is also available in Spanish.

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