2015 in review: a year of improvement for our eSignature tool

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2015 has been an incredible year for Signaturit. We started the year with a small number of loyal clients and ended it with literally hundreds of companies using our electronic signature tool. Now that it's over, we’d like to take a brief look back at this year’s achievements.

Reviewing your comments and analysing your suggestions has helped us learn and grow in preparation for 2016. We are already eagerly looking to the future with a firm commitment to further improve Signaturit’s services.

Next year we will continue to develop the platform and review our designs to achieve more intuitive electronic signatures and document management without compromising our high standards of safety and legality. In this post we review 2015’s achievements and list all product updates from January to December.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Signaturit's new features 2015 


Ability to send signed documents from the Signaturit dashboard.

In early 2015 we launched this feature so that documents needing to be signed could be sent via email as well via Signaturit’s dashboard, where their status can now be tracked in real time.

Improved templates.

Our customers can create their own templates to send repeat documents needing signatures more quickly (a classic example of this being a Health and Safety form). Several fields can be easily included in any document to create a template, with the only required one being the signature. Any other fields such as Name, City, Company, etc. are all optional.

The improvements to the templates launched in 2015 are:

New option to add company logo when signing a document.

Our latest improvement, launched in December 2015, was to offer clients the option of including their company logo or stamp on documents signed through our system. From the dashboard, you can add an "image" field when sending a document. The person receiving a request to sign a document will then be able to add an image of a company logo.

New option to create and manage teams.

In order that several people from a company can access the same history and templates, we launched a feature to create and manage teams. With this option, clients can organise their work conjointly online and improve the whole team’s productivity when there are documents to sign.

New option to send customised emails reminders.

When you are waiting for a client to sign a document, a reminder can be sent directly from the dashboard. In addition, clients are able to customise and automate when reminders are sent. To do so, simply go to Settings and select the date that you want to send the reminder. You can also set an expiry date and deadline for the signing of a document.


New forms of advanced authentication.

We are continually working to improve the dashboard. To reinforce the signatory authentication we have included 4 advanced options, which can be used from the dashboard, email or from the API:

These features are only available with Business y Enterprise accounts.


Sending documents as a Word document or PDF.

You can send documents needing signatures by attaching them to an email, or, if sending from our dashboard, the document can be either be a Word file or a PDF. Our platform has an inbuilt feature that converts Word documents to PDFs automatically. The document in either format will be sent to the signatory without issue.


Fast upload time.

To facilitate the signing of long documents of 100 pages or more, we have also introduced a progressive loading feature. When a lengthy document is being sent, it will begin uploading progressively so that a signatory can sign each required page while the document is still uploading, making the signing process quick and easy.

Documentary evidence available to download at all times.

In 2015, we also announced that it is no longer necessary to wait until a signing process is completed in order to download proof of signature, also known as an audit trail. If for example you send a document to several people and wish to send evidence to the third signatory confirming the first has already signed the document, you can download the relevant documentation as soon as the first person signs and send it to the third signatory as proof. The amount of available data will depend on the moment in which you download the audit trail.

Dashboard optimization for mobile devices.

From the outset, the eSignature solution we offer was designed to be used on any device. In 2015, we improved the design and navigation of the mobile dashboard to facilitate the sending of documents requiring signatures to those using Signaturit via a tablet or smartphone. In addition, there is no need to download an app in order to use Signaturit from a mobile device.


Email certificates for API clients.

Our customers with an Enterprise account can send emails certificates (emails with a receipt of delivery). It is not necessary to request to send them. This new feature has been available since August 2015.

Designated servers for API clients.

Also since August 2015, Enterprise customers also have the option of using designated servers for the sole purpose of processing customer requests as and when they require them.

Sending documents via Google Docs.

Signaturit’s integration in Google Docs was one of our latest advances. Since October 2015, customers using Google for work can send documents to sign using Google Docs. To do this, our free plugin needs to be installed in Settings. The signing of documents will then take place directly on our platform using advanced eSignatures. In this post we explain how our plugin works with Google.


To conclude this section, we’re happy to announce that we have just renewed our web API documentation.


We hope these improvements have helped digitise and streamline all the authentication processes involved in your business. We’ll keep you posted throughout 2016 of all the new improvements that we have in store!

Wishing you happy holidays and a fantastic start to 2016!

This post is also available in Spanish.


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