2016 in Review: Summary of the improvements in our electronic signature solution

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Nearing the end of 2016, we want to take a moment to thank you for trusting in Signaturit.

Undoubtedly, all of you are the basis of our progress as a company, since you guide the development of our electronic trust services: the electronic signature, electronic identification and certified delivery.

For 2017 we have planned many more new developments and improvements, and we would love to continue counting on your trust to make them a reality - always adapting them to your needs and maintaining our high standards of usability, security and legality.

With this post we want to say goodbye to this great year that 2016 has been for us, by reviewing all of our improvements and updates that our electronic signature solution has experienced, and by briefly explaining what our other two main products consist of: the certified electronic delivery service and the electronic identification service.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Signaturit's trusted services

As you know, on July 1 2016 the European Regulation (EU) No 910/2014, also known as the eIDAS came into force.

This new regulation, which is to be applied directly in all member states, unified the European legislation concerning the electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the interior market, thus repealing the previous Directive 1999/93/CE.

Signaturit, in addition to the advanced electronic signatures, offers certified electronic delivery services (both defined as trust services in Article 3 of the eIDAS) and electronic identification services:

  • Certified electronic delivery services: the main value of this service is to provide electronic evidence capable of showing the acceptance, delivery or non-delivery, opening, etc. of emails and/or SMS with attached documents.
  • Electronic identification services: our identification system is based on OCR technology (Optical Character Recognition) and the MRZ code (Machine-Readable Passport), which allows for scanning and digital reading of all types of passports and identification documents.

Summary of key updates in our advanced electronic signature solution in 2016

1. New features

Sending password protected documents

Since March 2016 it is possible to send and sign password protected documents from Signaturit’s dashboard. In order to upload a password protected document in Signaturit’s dashboard, and from there send it to sign, the person responsible for the sending should know the password. Similarly, the password will also be requested from the signer in order to sign the document.

The purpose of this feature is to offer an extra layer of security for those clients and users that work with sensitive information, so they can protect their documents with passwords and restrict sending and signing to only those who know these security codes.


More information: Product update - March and April 2016

Team management

Another new feature introduced in 2016 is the “Team” section, which aims to facilitate teamwork for companies that have multiple people in charge of managing documents to send for signing. Many departments of all types of companies are already taking advantage of this feature, including administration departments, human resources and sales departments.  

To form a team, the person with the “administrator” role can invite other members from his/her department to join the work team in Signaturit. Each new member of the team can be given a role - administrator or member - and each role has defined permissions. It is possible to create various teams with different members.

You can find this new section in the navigation bar, next to the “Templates” section:


Statistics for the “Team” section

As a complement to the previous feature, once inside the “Team” section, the administrator can track the activity of all the team members from the “Statistics” section. This section has been designed with the goal to help the administrator to easily monitor the status of documents sent to sign with Signaturit, as well as the status of documents sent to be signed by each team member.

More information: Product update- May and June 2016

Contacts tab

The “Contacts” tab is another new main feature in 2016. It is an address book that automatically saves the email addresses of the people that you send documents to sign with Signaturit.

In addition, this address book can be completed by importing your contacts from any email provider: Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or even from a vcard format used by Apple Mail.

The purpose of the address book is to make it easier to send documents to sign, since each time you want to send a document to any person that is already in your address book imported into Signaturit, a drop down will appear that will make it easy to select his/her email address.


More information: Product update - May and June 2016

Parallel signatures

The parallel document signing mode is a hybrid between the sequential delivery and the batch delivery. We briefly explain what each of these document sending consists of:

  • Sequential delivery: a single document is sent to multiple signers at the same time. The document is unique and all people have to sign that same document, so that it can only be signed sequentially. In this way, we ensure that what a signers sees when he/she signs is the original document, just as it is at that moment in time.
  • Batch delivery: one document is sent to multiple signers at the same time, but the document is not unique, rather each signer receives a “copy” of it to sign exclusively. Each signer opens and signs his/her document whenever they want, regardless of when the others do it.
  • Parallel delivery: the document is unique, in the sense that all signers must sign this particular document (and not each one signs his or hers), but the signatures can be done in parallel. That means that all the signers receive the document at the same time and can open it at the same time. If two signers open the document at the same time, one will be put on hold, and will be notified when the document is ready to be signed.

More information: Product update - July and August 2016


We are confident that all of these improvements have served to further streamline the management of the signature processes in your companies, and that you have managed to reduce the time dedicated to administrative tasks and save costs.

We wish you very Happy Holidays and that 2017 will bring prosperity for all.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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