5 foolproof sales strategies for any company

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There is a lot of literature on the internet about strategies to sell more and tricks to close more sales in less time.

Among all of this information, in Signaturit we have learned a lot from the five tips to sell more by David Finkel, coach and CEO of Maui Mastermind. This company from the US dedicates specifically to this: helping other companies increase their sales.

In this post we want to share with you the 5 strategies to sell more from David Finkel. We're sure it will be also useful for you.

This post is also available in Spanish.


The 5 techniques that can be used to improve any sales process

David Finkel’s preferred sales techniques are applicable to all types of companies, both those who sell products as well as services, including B2B as well as B2C.

So whatever your company's sales cycle, don't miss checking out the tips that Finkel offers us, a reputable American salesman with more than 20 years of experience.


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  1. Make the cost of not taking action evident

    That means that if your potential client has questions whether or not to hire your product or service, make it very clear for him/her the cost of not doing so. For that, Finkel proposes a style of questions whose goal is to show your client that he/she must take a decision, because not taking it would be worse.

    Some of the questions Finkel asks are: What is currently not working in your company? What would be the real impact of …? What would happen if you don't find a solution for your problem?


  1. Convey a sense of scarcity

    The goal is to activate the feeling of missing a good opportunity. When someone makes us an offer with a limited time, or says “until stock lasts”, this is creating in our brain a sense of urgency that makes us take a decision, which is usually to buy. Because it's now or never.

    This feeling can also be activated in your potential clients.

    Finkel suggests using formulas such as: “if you will finally need our services, we will need to know as soon as possible. We are receiving many requests and we only have 4 teams responsible to do the …., so if we cannot assign one this month, you would have to wait … months until …”

  1. Avoid the two main objections from your potential clients

    What are the two main reasons why you usually lose a sale? Find them out and avoid bringing them up in conversations, do not let them come up.

    For that, you can take the topic off the table indirectly when you begin to talk with your potential clients. Have your speech well thought out and offer a point of view to convince your prospects that none of these possible objections really creates a problem for them.

"It’s easier to explain price once
than to apologize for quality forever."

Zig Ziglar


  1. Leave the third most frequent objection for the end

    An interesting trick that Frankel recommends is leaving the third objection for the end of the conversation. Resolving it right at the end of the chat gives you the opportunity to make the customer predisposed to buy just before hanging up the phone.

    For example, if the price is often a delicate subject, let your prospect bring it up at the end of the conversation. In this moment, offer a discount. This will lead to a positive emotional state, in which the predisposition to buy will be higher.

  1. Help your customer sell your product or service to themselves

    The best salespeople do not sell, in the sense of convincing someone to buy something: their real merit is getting the potential customer to close the sale him/herself.

    To achieve that, you should think what types of questions help to convince someone that he/she needs your product or service. For doing this, you should also dominate the art of re-formulating questions, or turning the answers around for your potential clients.


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This post is also available in Spanish.

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