Advantages of technology neutrality in the application and implementation of eSignatures

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The increased use of technology in all areas of our daily lives and the exponential growth in the population connected to the Internet have augmented the interest of the so-called digital rights and popularized the concept of technology neutrality.

Taking into account its most widespread meaning, this concept refers to the right of individuals and organizations to freely choose the technology that best suits their needs - for different uses, interactions or to access certain services.

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Technological neutrality at a user level.

Considering the user, we understand technology neutrality as the fact that some services can be used from any device, platform or operating system; in short, the most technologically neutral services are those that are more accessible.

From this point of view, although sometimes even companies that offer a service or those who hire them do not pay special attention to technology neutrality, it is a key factor when choosing a service supplier. For this reason, we want to dedicate this post to explain why Signaturit´s solution is one the most technology neutral e-Signature solutions in the market and what benefits come from this fact.

Signaturit’s approach to technological neutrality

In Signaturit we deliver a solution that works independently from any software. In the case of an electronic signature, there are two main aspects: sending the signature request and doing the signature.

  • From the signature request perspective, the only requirement to use Signaturit is to have a registered account and access to an email address; regardless of its technical specifications or if its used through a webmail service or an email provider POP or IMAP.

  • For drawing the signature, you only need to have an email address - again, of any kind - and access to major web browser. These requirements may seem clear, but they are not. Many of our competitors require access to a platform or use a certain device (desktop, laptop…), for both those who request a signature and those who sign (who sometimes also have to log-in and create an account). Other service providers only accept mobile devices or specific tablet models in order for the signature to meet certain levels of security.

The advantages of our solution’s neutrality

The advantages of the high degree of technology neutrality of Signaturit are diverse, and include the following:

  • Companies that send signature requests have the guarantee that their clients will be able to complete the signing process no matter what device they use to access their email accounts (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop ...), regardless if they use webmail or any email provider (Gmail, Yahoo !, Outlook, Mail ...) or whatever their chosen browser or platform may be (PC, Macintosh, Explorer, Firefox, Safari ...).

  • The conversion rate (of documents signed) from our customers is much higher, since the signers do not need to register for any service nor downloading any applications to carry out the signing process.

  • The high legality degree of the signatures obtained using Signaturit is uniform, regardless of the device, platform or browser from which the signatures are made.

  • Companies in which the signature request request for signatures is made by a sales person or a technician when visiting customer at their offices do not have to invest in a particular model of mobile or tablet: whatever the device of the employee, he/she will be able to capture the customer's signature.

  • It allows employees of companies with very limited Internet access - as it often happens in the banking, energy and telecommunications companies- to send signature requests without the need to create security exceptions within their internal systems.

Additionally, a high degree of technology neutrality also implies a high degree of adaptation to the very frequent technological changes that occur in our current historical context.

Given its independence from any specific device, platform or software, if a new model/brand appears or an existing one is updated, Signaturit will always be able to provide an efficient tool for requesting a signature or signing a document.

For more information on Signaturit’s solution, remember that you can try it for free.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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