Smart contracts: what are they?

Electronic signature and other tools for real estate agents

How to improve the employee experience with electronic signatures?

How can we improve customer experience with electronic signatures?

The Private Equity Firm Providence bets on Signaturit to conquer the European electronic signature and identification market

Digital Transformation Reaches Education

What is the advanced electronic signature?

Send multiple documents at the same from the dashboard

Digital signature versus electronic signature: what’s the difference?

Product update - April 2020

CEO Statement: Signaturit, our response to Covid- 19

The Leadership Manifesto: Develop Leaders, Not Bosses

Signaturit at Saastock 2019

What kind of electronic signature does Signaturit offer?

Interview with José Morales, ICT Manager of Acciona División Inmobiliaria

OCR technology for the digital authentication of customer data

Signaturit, at the Auto Finance Forum 2019

Living our Core Values - Signaturit’s Manifesto

Certified electronic signatures, advanced electronic signatures and qualified electronic signatures: how are they different?

Signaturit at the Digital Enterprise Show, the great digital economy event

eIDAS: differences between electronic seals and electronic signatures

Electronic signatures: OTP vs Biometric Signature

Product update - April 2019

Signaturit will present innovative HR solutions at Zukunft Personal Nord

5 essential digital tools in an HR department

How UOC X uses the electronic signature to digitize the inscription of new students

SaaStock Local Barcelona Opening Event: From Barcelona to the World - Lessons on Internationalisation

What is a qualified electronic signature?

Signaturit will be pitching at Schadenmanagement & Assistance

What is a qualified electronic time stamp?

Signaturit will exhibit at the 25th edition of Solutions RH in Paris

How the Autonomous University of Barcelona uses the electronic signature

Signaturit closes a series A round of 7 million euros

Signaturit shapes the future at 4YFN

Signaturit participates in round table at Insurance Week

Signaturit will show innovation at Insurance World Challenges 2019

Product update - February 2019

Signaturit will exhibit for the 5th time at the Mobile World Congress

The SEPA Mandate: The Validity of Electronic Mandates

How Gana Energía uses the electronic signature to digitize its onboarding process

Blockchain: what is it and what is it for?

How Grupo MEDIAPRO uses the electronic signature

Electronic signature: 10 frequently asked questions about it

Signaturit & Programme H2020: What products are we developing?

Product update - December 2018

How to integrate Signaturit with Salesforce?

What are electronic trust services?

OCR: What is optical character recognition?

Signaturit will present technological innovations at EXECinsurtech

Signaturit receives accreditation as a Qualified Trust Service Provider

Signaturit will participate again in the 10° National Congress of Credit in Madrid

Signaturit revolutionizes the legal sector at the Legal Management Forum 2018

Signabuddies: Santi Muñoz, DevOps Engineer at Signaturit

Signaturit Product Update

Signaturit will participate in South Summit 2018

How to make a digital transformation to improve your company?

Signaturit kicks off new event season with Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne

Digital Office: 7 tips for success

Google Docs and Signaturit for sending documents to be signed

How to sell more with the electronic signature?

Signaturit attains ISO/IEC 27001 certification

The SEPA mandate: how to obtain signatures in a flexible manner?

The electronic signature: how much money can businesses save with it?

Signabuddies: Alex Flores, DevOps at Signaturit

Summary of our event "Digitalisation in personnel management processes"

What is a digital signature?

Medical informed consent: can you obtain it with an electronic signature?

GDPR: how does it affect patients?

What is a Compliance Officer?

GDPR: the best digital tools to ensure compliance

GDPR: Signaturit's plan to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation

What is an electronic signature?

GDPR: Who are its key players?

Signaturit is participating in TNW Conference 2018, Europe's main technology event

Signaturit is participating in DIA Amsterdam 2018!

GDPR: 7 keys to comply with the GDPR in hospitals and clinics

GDPR: New rights that we will all enjoy

GDPR: What must be done to make consent demonstrable?

What is Know Your Customer and what are its implications in the financial sector?

Signabuddies: Manu Massanet, Account Executive at Signaturit

GDPR and HR: what must be done to fulfil the new regulation?

GDPR: what solutions do we provide for lawfully obtaining consent?

GDPR: What implications does it have for FinTech companies?

GDPR: 6 lawful ways to process personal data

Electronic signature: use cases in HR departments

GDPR: when do you need explicit consent from your clients?

eIDAS: 10 FAQs on Regulation (EU) 910/2014

The advanced electronic signature as an identification system

GDPR: what accountability measures does the EU Regulation require?

Digital identity: did you know that yours can be stolen?

Insurtech companies and behavioural economics

GDPR: biometric data in the new EU Data Protection Regulation

GDPR infographic: data protection for the digital era in Europe

Signing documents online: 5 most frequently asked questions

GDPR: penalties in the new European Data Protection Regulation

Signaturit will be again at the Mobile World Congress

iBanFirst uses Signaturit to speed up customer onboarding

GDPR: how to obtain the client's consent?

What is the eIDAS Regulation and how does it benefit companies?

GDPR: TOP 10 key changes of the New European Data Protection Regulation

The top 7 skills you will need for the job of the future

2017 in Review: Summary of the improvements in our API

2017 in Review: Summary of the improvements in our electronic signature solution

GDRP: how the new European Data Protection Regulation will impact the insurance sector

Signabuddies: Mar Romero, Inbound Marketing Manager at Signaturit

Electronic signature legislation in the United States: UETA Act and E-Sign Act

What defines your digital identity and what legal rights are associated with it?

How to integrate Signaturit into your CRM or ERP

What are APIs and what challenges do APIs face?

What is Digital Identity and how can you protect yours?

7 steps to kickstart a digital transformation in any company

5 essential actions HR can take to drive digital transformation

The main competitive advantages of a paperless office

Top 10 ways to be a great team leader

The legal validity of contracts signed with advanced electronic signatures

How to address difficult conversations with employees?

What is Business Intelligence (BI) and what tools exist?

7 benefits of the electronic signature for HR departments

The timestamp and its relationship with the electronic signature

What is the employee experience?

Top 10 tips to easily organize your digital documents

eIDAS: a new era for eSignatures in Europe

Electronic evidence and its admissibility in court

What types of eSignatures are defined by the Regulation (EU) No 910/2014?

How to integrate Signaturit with Zapier to automate tasks

Seven essential selling tips for SaaS companies

Registered email: irrefutable evidence in a judicial case

LegalTech solutions or how technology is also changing the legal sector

10 tips to avoid a cyberattack in a law firm

Reality or fiction: could you offer unlimited holidays in your company?

How to verify your customers’ digital identity?

Signaturit’s Integration with ForceManager

What are the differences between the electronic signature, the digital signature and the digitized signature?

5 fundamental practices to optimize the onboarding process in the financial sector

3 ways to send documents to sign with Signaturit: which one is best for you?

Gamification: how to learn through games in companies

What kind of documents are most frequently signed with eSignatures?

What is a trust service provider and how is it defined in the eIDAS?

5 digital tools to develop the potential of your sales department

GDPR: information to facilitate compliance with the New European Regulation on Data Protection

Summary of Signaturit’s participation in the Digital Insurance Agenda Conference

Certify the delivery of your documents by using your email and a PIN code via SMS

The state of the digital transformation in Spain, according to the latest study from the consultant company Roland Berger and Siemens

Signaturit will be at the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation again

“Employee Ambassadors”, the best HR strategy to attract top talent

Event on May 26, 2017: How to improve HR management with the electronic signature

What laws regulate cybersecurity in the European Union and in Spain?

Signaturit will participate in DIA AMSTERDAM 2017, Europe’s main insurtech event

Signaturit will be at the Digital Business World Congress, a key event on digital transformation for all types of companies

The promising future of bots in the digital economy

How to manage your contacts in Signaturit

API Update - January to March 2017

Product Update - January to March 2017

Video summary of Signaturit's participation at the Mobile World Congress 2017

Three essential questions to ask before implementing the electronic signature in your company

Webinar: How the electronic signature improves the sales process for insurance brokers

10 traits that make a great digital leader

The 10 trends in the insurance sector in 2017 (2nd part)

Results of the 2nd study in Spain on digital transformation in human resources departments

Mobile commerce: future or present of online purchases?

How can HR Departments improve their company’s efficiency?

Signaturit will participate in the Mobile World Congress again

Summary of the event “The Electronic Signature for Human Resources Departments”

How are dubious signatures analyzed in a judicial process?

The 5 essential TED Talks for CEOs

What is biometric authentication and how is it combined with Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature solution?

7 New Year's Resolutions to improve your digital skills

2016 in Review: Summary of the improvements in our electronic signature solution

2016 in Review: Summary of the improvements in our API

Event on January 19, 2017: the electronic signature, a great evolution in labor relations

GDPR: what is the role of a data protection officer and when will it be mandatory to incorporate one into companies?

GDPR: which companies need a data protection officer to meet the New Data Protection Regulation?

10 essential steps to develop a cyber security plan for your company

Product Update - November 2016

One step closer to the digital office: how to digitize documents?

Eight recommendations for safe Internet browsing

How yaencontre uses the electronic signature to close service contracts with customers

The future is called 5G, and it’s much more than a change in number

Signaturit wins First Prize at the 5th Edition of Bbooster Week

A new way of thinking to onboard digital culture in your company

Product Update - September and October 2016

Signaturit wins at the 10th edition of Catalonia’s EmprendedorXXI Prize

Millennials will complete the digital transformation of businesses. Here’s how to get them working for you

How to use lean principles within a traditional management structure

5 essentials for fostering intrapreneurship in your company

How will the Fourth Industrial Revolution affect HR?

Which digital tools best contribute to improving the efficiency of a finance department?

How can human resource departments build and consolidate a digital culture?

The 3 main challenges digital companies pose to CFOs

Product Update - July and August 2016

What exactly is an audit trail and what electronic evidence does it contain?

Holacracy: is it really a hierarchical structure without bosses?

Are eSignatures legal in Europe?

Highlights of the 2016 Digital Security Congress

The impact of the new Privacy Shield agreement

What is a robo-advisor and how will it transform the insurance industry?

The Insurtech companies that are reshaping the map of the insurance sector in Spain

Signaturit at the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation 2016

Product Update - May and June 2016

Digital simplicity: the surest route to improving customer experience in retail banking

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