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Signaturit will participate in DIA AMSTERDAM 2017, Europe’s main insurtech event

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API Update - January to March 2017

Product Update - January to March 2017

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The 10 trends in the insurance sector for 2017 (1st part)

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Mobile commerce: future or present of online purchases?

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Signaturit will participate in the sixth edition of the Real Estate Event: Evento Inmobiliario de Calafell

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Signaturit will participate in the Mobile World Congress again

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2016 in Review: Summary of the improvements in our electronic signature solution

2016 in Review: Summary of the improvements in our API

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What is the role of a data protection officer and when will it be mandatory to incorporate one into companies?

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Signaturit wins at the 10th edition of Catalonia’s EmprendedorXXI Prize

Millennials will complete the digital transformation of businesses. Here’s how to get them working for you

Do the age-old ways of classifying a business by its industry still make sense in the digital era?

According to the new Regulation (EU) No 910/2014, there are simple, advanced and qualified eSignatures. Which one is right for you?

How can multinationals and startups work side-by-side?

How to use lean principles within a traditional management structure

Digital maturity of enterprises: what is it and how can your company achieve it?

Beyond your online reputation, what defines your digital identity and what legal rights are associated with it?

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Product Update - July and August 2016

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What exactly is an audit trail and what electronic evidence does it contain?

Holacracy: is it really a hierarchical structure without bosses?

Are eSignatures legal in Europe?

10 unbeatable tips for boosting your productivity this summer

EU measures for consolidating e-Commerce in Europe

Password managers: how do they work and which ones should you be installing this summer?

Highlights of the 2016 Digital Security Congress

What strategy should large insurance companies adopt in the face of the insurtech boom?

The impact of the new Privacy Shield agreement

Key benefits of advanced eSignatures for insurance brokers

IEB publishes global ranking of competitors in the financial sector

What is a robo-advisor and how will it transform the insurance industry?

A big leap in the eIDAS journey: new trust services for a Single Digital Market

The Insurtech companies that are reshaping the map of the insurance sector in Spain

Signaturit at the Global Summit for Insurance Innovation 2016

Product Update - May and June 2016

Essential guide to Europe’s new Data Protection Regulation

Digital simplicity: the surest route to improving customer experience in retail banking

Digital tools to optimize competitiveness of insurance brokers

Signaturit to participate in ALPHA at MoneyConf

What are the risks of not using advanced eSignatures?

Which areas of their business should network operators prioritize for digitization?

Signaturit at high level eIDAS event for stakeholders organized by the EU Commission

What are the challenges of the Internet of Things for the telecom industry?

Video: Juan Zamora, CEO of Signaturit, presenting our eSignature solution at DIA Barcelona 2016

How far is the telecom industry into its digital transformation and in which areas could it improve?

5 technologies revolutionizing the real estate sector

Interview with Jaime Lacasa, founding partner of real estate company ELIX

Signaturit to participate in the Digital Enterprise Show, the world's leading event on digital transformation

How Call2World uses eSignatures to optimize its contract management process

Technologies to transform the relationship between businesses and consumers in 2016

How Cloud Coworking uses electronic signatures to get their rental agreements signed

What is the basis of a good customer-focused strategy?

Product Update - March and April 2016

Signaturit’s participation at DIA Barcelona 2016

Session on technological solutions for managing SMEs

From Safe Harbor to US-EU Privacy Shield, a proceeding laden with legal uncertainty

Signaturit to participate in DIA, Europe’s first Insurtech Conference

Millennial challenge: what real estate agents need to know about this generation of digital consumers

What are the best practices and digital tools for managing a coworking space?

How to build a digital culture in your company

Which digital tools do real estate agents need for the digital customer?

How can SMEs be more innovative?

The 10 most common mistakes made during a digital transformation

eIDAS: a new era for eSignatures in Europe (2/2)

eIDAS: a new era for eSignatures in Europe (1/2)

It’s not just about apps. Does your company have a mobile strategy?

How can SMEs secure their business against cybercrime?

10 basic professional skills that contribute to a digital transformation

Signaturit's successful participation at Mobile World Congress 2016

How Wanna uses electronic signatures to offer mobile-based personal loans

Signaturit at 4YFN: Top 10 questions about electronic signatures

Product Update - January and February 2016

The Silicon Valley Mindset - thoughts after HandsOn Startup Tour

How telcos can get their digital transformation right

Interview with Javier Megias, founder of Startupxplore

What are the consequences of the Fourth Industrial Revolution for businesses?

Signaturit at Mobile World Congress for second year running

8 essential processes and tools for any compliance officer

Safe Harbor: how does its revocation affect European companies?

How to create the perfect digital office

Fintech Unconference 2016: highlights of topics affecting Fintech in Spain

The 10 greatest habits of highly productive people

What legal and security risks does Fintech face?

7 steps to kickstart a digital transformation in any company

Do’s and don’ts for CIOs managing a digital transformation

Signaturit media coverage 2015

Do you know how much time you can save with an eSignature solution?

Big Data: how to minimise risk in data analysis

2015 in review: a year of improvement for our eSignature tool

Why should banks use electronic signatures?

What implications does contextual banking have in the distribution of financial products and services?

5 digital resolutions for SMEs in 2016

How can bank branches digitize and improve their efficiency to attract the digital customer?

VIDEO: How to use Signaturit’s advanced email features

VIDEO: How to send a document to sign from your email account with Signaturit

VIDEO: How to sign a document online with Signaturit

The secret of successful companies is a perfect combination of business and design

What challenges must banks address if they want to remain relevant in the future?

5 new essential digital profiles every company should have

Product Update - November 2015

Do you know why the cloud is safe for SMEs?

Interview with Jordi Rivera, CEO of DAS Spain

Why insurance companies should use electronic signatures?

The digitization of an insurance policy buying process

What should companies do to prevent a cyber attack?

What kind of electronic signature does Signaturit offer?

Technology Trends for 2016

Send documents to sign online directly from Google Docs

Product Update - October 2015

Signaturit at Legal Hackathon 2015

Why banks and insurers must improve the digital experience

What are the innovation areas for insurance companies to adapt to the digital age?

Benefits of the cloud: how the use of cloud services increases efficiency

Advantages of electronic signatures for the Fintech Industry

Signaturit participated at South Summit 2015

Simplify your work processes by using electronic signatures

How is mobility changing business management?

Product Update - September 2015

How PRISA Noticias has adapted to SEPA Regulation

7 tips for facing difficult conversations with employees

Last months to comply with SEPA regulation. Is your company already adapted to it?

Learn the habits of the most productive people.

What should you consider when evaluating different solutions for electronic signatures?

The 12 most effective ways to get organized at the office

Why should your company do an organizational shift towards decentralization?

5 essential digital tools in an HR department

What is Digital Identity?

Product Update - August 2015

Top sales teams generate more business with electronic signatures. How do they do it?

10 ways to lead and motivate your team

7 best practices for organizing productive meetings

Saving paper and other advantages of a paperless office

Does your company have a good strategy to attract and retain highly skilled professionals?

Electronic signature legislation in the United States: UETA Act and E-Sign Act

What do Millennial consumers expect from your company?

Working from home: how to overcome the challenge of managing decentralized teams

5 reasons why any company should use advanced electronic signatures

Product Update - July 2015

Mobility Trends: Smartphones drive mobile data traffic

The Time Stamp Authority, a seal to provide greater security to electronic signatures

How Nubelo has improved its business by integrating electronic signatures

5 essential habits to stay focused at work

Advantages of using the electronic signature in HR processes

7 tips for managing your email more effectively

Advantages of technology neutrality in the application and implementation of eSignatures

Introducing our API, or how to integrate Signaturit into your CRM or ERP

6 characteristics of the most efficient digital companies

Product Update - June 2015

Multi-factor authentication signature using SMS, picture and audio

Product Update - April 2015

Our experience at the Mobile World Congress

Advantages of using an eSignature solution to comply with the EU Directive on consumer rights

Signaturit will participate in the Mobile World Congress 2015

How to create a template in Signaturit's dashboard

Product Update - November 2014

Conference about the Finance Department 2.0

Signaturit Participates in the Web Summit 2014

Product Update - October 2014

Product Update - April 2014

Product Update - March 2014

Signaturit Accepted to Startupbootcamp Amsterdam

Product Update - February 2014