Certify the delivery of your documents by using your email and a PIN code via SMS

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The simple signature is ideal to guarantee and certify that a file has been correctly received. In addition, you ensure that the receiver agrees with the content. The process to certify a communication with Signaturit is fast: you only need to upload the document to our platform and send it from there. The receiver, on the other hand, must only accept the terms and conditions so that the simple signature process is completed.

In case of a signing process where there are higher legal risks, visit this link to get more information about the advanced electronic signature.

Thanks to this simplicity, the simple signature is ideal for the fastest processes. The receiver approves the established conditions and the correct receival of the document is certified. In addition, a second layer of verification can be added. That’s what we would like to explain in this post: a PIN code sent via SMS (also known as an OTP - one time password).

This post is also available in Spanish.


How to certify the delivery of a document with a PIN number sent via SMS with Signaturit?

To send a document to be signed with the simple signature, and with PIN verification, click on the drop down menu that is located  in the upper left hand corner, and click “Simple Signature”.

 EN Simple Signature.png

The document editing window will appear. Fill in the fields for address, subject, message body and attach the file that you want to send.

Lastly, click on the mobile phone icon and enter the recipient's telephone number, who will receive the SMS with the PIN code. Write the number with the prefix and without any spaces. For example: +34123456789. 

EN add number.png

The signer will receive an email from which he/she will be able to access the documents attached, and an SMS in his/her mobile device with a PIN code. Once he/she accepts the terms and conditions, he/she must enter the PIN verification to finish the process.


EN add code.png

When the signer clicks on “Validate password”, the signed document will be sent and the signature process will finish.

If you send a document to various signers, the second signer will receive a PIN code and the document to sign only when the first signer has completed the signing process. That means, the sending is sequential.

This solution does not require messaging services, and the prices of faxes or certified mail services disappear from the equation.

In the audit trail that you will receive once the signer has accepted the terms and conditions, the following will be certified:

  • the time of sending the document
  • the time of reception by the signer
  • the acceptance of the terms and conditions


In case you simply want to certify the reception of an email, you can use our certified sending service. Visit this link to get more information.

The next time you want a fast and simple solution to guarantee the correct reception of a document by the signer, use the simple signature with PIN verification via SMS. An additional layer of security that will provide more guarantees for your communications.

Get more information in our Help Center.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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