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Companies can generate 65% savings in process efficiency

Companies can generate 65% savings in process efficiency

At Signaturit we are happy to announce that our partner Sendit has a use case,  how they helped one of the biggest security systems companies generate 65% savings in process efficiency.

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Digital transformation

Our client – one of the leading security systems groups in Portugal and with
international footprint– was looking for a solution to address inefficiency issues of their collections department connected to their overall commitment towards a digital transformation and digitalization process that the company was undergoing.

Leveraging Sendit’s exclusive partnership with Signaturit– a certified EU  Electronic Service’s trust provider, Sendit was prepared to provide the client with a solution that could address their challenge, generating significant operational anddirect cost savings to the business.


Digital transformation


Use Case

The collections area is responsible for ensuring that the company's outstanding debts are collected as efficiently and effectively as possible, while maintaining positive relationships with debtors.

Managing collections may sometimes result in disputes that eventually end up in court. That’s why all collection notifications are sent by registered letter, with the physical delivery receipt being kept as evidence for support in case it becomes a lawsuit at some point. There are easily identifiable relevant costs and challenges associated with this process as it was, for one keeping the physical evidence delivery receipt results in a giant pile of paper organized manually in as many folders as customers. There was evidently the risk of losing vital proof inherent to any physical document management structure, despite the collections team effortto keep it safe and easily accessible when evidence is required.

Additionally, it was a lengthy process, as it took over a week to receive legal
evidence of the letter delivery, and the delivery rate was far from the 100% desired percentage. But being a heavy and lengthy process was just part of the problem, as it was also a costly one. Registered letters sent by post cost approximately 10% of an average monthly fee charged for the service.


The solution

Sendit was well prepared to make an impact assessment and present a robust and personalized solution, also providing legal advisory and technical support along the way.
This resulted in a joint integration effort by Sendit using Signaturit’s electronic trust services solution after a detailed evaluation of the gains on the following KPIs:

1) Cost
2) Risk
3) Time

The collections department chose to include in its flow of notification to customers with collection issues the ability to send certified SMS and Emails to ensure the legal assurance of their communications. And it did so with minimal disruption by using programmatic integration via API of its system with our platform to ensure that the whole process is automatically operational, with personalized content for each contact and always with legal assurance.

Sendit designed the solution according to customer requirements and operationalized it together with its partner Signaturit,combining business and technological expertise with an eIDAS certified platform that ensures high performance, robustness, and reliability for all parties.

The new flow was surprisingly simple and efficient for a collections department that was used to send registered letters to their customers only once a week, is now able to manage them in real-time, saving as also on direct postage, stamping costs and missed deliveries.

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The outcome of the solution

After implementation the alarm systems company ended up with a fully automated and robust solution that materialized in a major cost reduction of 66% compared totraditional post mail This cost reduction was also complemented with significant time saving of the collections team, that can now spend more time on more valuable tasks (doing other relevant duties) in the department.

But the gains were more than reduced costs and saved time for the employees. Valuable features like immediate delivery and confirmation process in real-time where very useful to always have an online updated status on any customer process.

Additionally, from now on, with the dematerialization of paper delivery records it became so much easier to find required records with legal value as the old
evidence of letter delivery from the post office.

Overall, it was a big step ahead in efficiency and cost savings for the company. Sendit is committed to being part of the digitalization process of any company supported by their exclusive partnership with Signaturit, replacing manual, lengthy and inefficient processes with Electronic Trust Services, therefore providing a faster, easier, securer, and more cost-effective way of operating for businesses across multiple sectors.

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