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On October 28, Signaturit together with the Spanish Association of Business Finances (ASSET), the company that automates the processes for TBS and the startup Captio, organized a conference in Madrid titled “The Financial Department 2.0: Save costs and improve productivity with full legal guarantees”.

This post is also available in Spanish.

 The event took place in the Hotel NH Prisma and gathered a large representation of financial executives from a wide range of companies. 

During the session, several regulatory changes that companies are required to adapt, such as the digitalization of determined processes –like SEPA or the new Law on Defense of Consumers and Users–, and the technologies that help convert this change into a competitive advantage.

Among these solutions, Oscar Saro, Founder and CEO of TBS, shared the major benefits of TBS Ágora, a modular tool that allows you to not only capture and archive information, create business workflows and manage processes, but also to incorporate third party technologies, such as Signaturit and Captio.

On behalf of Captio, Dan Moser, the Head of Marketing for the company, described his namesake solution to automate a company's expense management, an area commonly managed inefficiently and has been impacted by the new rules on trading in Social Security. In this sense, Captio not only has the approval of the Spanish Tax Department, but it streamlines the process, making it more comprehensive and prevents fraud.

Representing Signaturit was our Chief Marketing Officer, Salvador Severich, who presented the main features and benefits of our electronic signature solution.

Signaturit not only meets the requirements established by the SEPA initiative promoted by the European Union to standardize the rules for its 28 member states; but it is the only solution in the market in which advanced electronic signatures are in accordance with the Regulation 910/2014. 

In addition to this solid legal validity, we also add unprecedented ease of use in the electronic signature segment... Requesting a signature through Signaturit comprises of only three steps that can be done from any email server (Outlooks, Gmail, Yahoo!, Mail …): just attach the document to be signed in a message, add to the end of the recipient´s email “” and click “Send”.

The session ended with the presentation of a case study by the use of technologies from TBS and Signaturit by Juan Carlos Sicilia, Director of Innovation and Technology at Prisa Radio. Sicilia provided a convincing pitch, supporting the gain in efficiency that has been achieved through the use of multinational communication means.

We cannot express how grateful we are to ASSET, TBS and Captio for their participation and active involvement of the organization of the session, and above all, to thank the attendees for their presence and the valuable feedback that they provided us throughout the day.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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