Digitorney and Signaturit Enter into a Strategic Partnership

Posted by media on February 14, 2019 at 3:00 PM

Digitorney y Signaturit

Digitorney and Signaturit announced today a strategic partnership. Based on this collaboration, Digitorney will contribute to Signaturit’s electronic trust services’ sales efforts among corporate law firms and corporate legal departments in Germany.

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Together to create a digital market for law firms

“Signaturit is the ideal partner for us in order to further develop our digital marketplace for law firms. Since electronic signatures, certified delivery of legal documents and customer identification are set to play an increasingly important role, Signaturit’s interoperable, cutting-edge technology will be a great advantage for our clients “, said Dr. Rüdiger Theiselmann, CEO at Digitorney.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Digitorney as a well-connected, innovative and professional sales partner. Based on the network and legal know-how of Digitorney, as well as on our technological expertise and innovative strengths, we will work together on our joint mission to provide the leading technology for closing contracts with clients and on our shared vision to provide trust in the digital environment and enable people to work in a more effective way, no matter where they are“, said Juan Zamora, CEO at Signaturit.


develops digital solutions for electronic signatures, certified delivery and electronic identification. In the field of electronic signatures, clients can benefit from Signaturit’s simple, advanced electronic signature technologies, in order to sign legally binding contracts or other documents that need legal guarantees.

Regarding its certified delivery solution, Signaturit offers an email service which can be used to send emails and attachments with a proof of receipt without any technical requirements on the recipient’s side. The same applies to SMS, where Signaturit certifies the delivery and reception of any message sent by the recipient.

As for its identification technology, KYC processes and client onboarding processes can be carried out online by way of Signaturit’s data recognition technology, capable of reading and authenticating identity documents and passports.

All these solutions meet the highest security and data protection standards, and their integration in websites, CRM systems and collaborative platforms can be easily done by leveraging API interfaces.

Digitorney and Signaturit are confident that this strategic partnership will generate strong growth in this area of software sales, and are also planning to develop together innovative digital solutions for law firms and legal professionals.

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About Digitorney

Digitorney is a leading global digital marketplace in business law. Enterprises have access to more than 5,000 lawyers in approximately 50 countries. For this Digitorney digitally finds the right expert and prepares the facts in a structured manner. In addition, companies can use legal documents and information at the highest professional level by digital means. 

For lawyers from commercial law firms of all types and sizes, Digitorney offers innovative business development services: they benefit from new business and can make their work more flexible, efficient and more focused in content.



This post is also available in Spanish 


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