GDPR: De Groote - De Man and Signaturit to launch a new product eConsent

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Signaturit and the Belgian law firm De Groote - De Man announce the launch of eConsent, the first all-in-one solution that collects proven consent to process, store and transfer personal data.

This back-up of legitimate proof offers all companies processing and holding the personal data of EU residents protection from expensive GDPR disputes.

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eConsent tool, protecting companies from GDPR conflicts

As the deadline for the new General Data Protection Regulation approaches, businesses struggle to put the requirements of the new GDPR into practice. Signaturit, a leading trust services provider that guarantees the legal security of digital transactions, and esteemed Belgian law firm, De Groote – De Man, joined forces to come up with an all-in-one solution to comply with the new regulation. The result of this cross-European cooperation is eConsent, a practical, user-friendly legal tech tool for obtaining consent with legitimate proof thereof.

According to Juan Zamora, CEO and co-founder of Signaturit, “as GDPR issues can result in enormous costs, this tool will be an essential safety-net for all companies operating in the EU, regardless of their location”.


What does eConsent do?

The GDPR states that, from May 25th 2018 onward, all companies processing any form of personal data can do this based on consent, unequivocally given by the client. On top of that, the new Regulation also requires companies to present irrefutable proof that the clients consent has been obtained in a lawful and legal manner. eConsent has been designed not only to obtain consent in that manner, but also to demonstrate that.

“With eConsent, companies will be able to deal with any dispute or civil responsibility case related to consent without any hassle, once the GDPR has come into force; and in turn they will reduce the costs involved in hiring the lawyers and advisors that are usually needed to resolve these kinds of disputes and cases in front of the supervisory authorities”, said Zamora.

Jeroen De Man, Managing Partner at law firm De Groote - De Man, adds: “eConsent is a real tool, offering an airtight solution for all businesses in Europe to be compliant with the law. Thanks to the four different modules, it can be a match for any company.” According to De Man, eConsent has another important benefit: “When a company has proven consent, it increases the quality of their data tremendously, making it highly valuable information for a business.”




Four modules: a fit for every company

The eConsent solution offers four different modules, depending on the needs of the company. Each of these modules demonstrate with full legal validity and in a transparent and non-intrusive way, that the owner of the personal data has given his/her consent in accordance with the GDPR.

At its most basic level, through easily embeddable scripts on any web page or application, there is the eConsent solution, which collects the IP address, the browser and the date and time at which consent was given by the client.

In order to receive more secure consent, eConsent+ incorporates a second authentication step in the validation process with a code sent by SMS or email, also collecting the email address and telephone number of the client.

For those companies that will need to obtain and prove the acquisition of explicit consent, there is Advanced eConsent. This solution requires an advanced electronic signature from the client, collecting his/hers biometric data.

Finally, Reinforced eConsent offers the highest level of legal certainty with respect to proving the identity of the data subject. This module requests, in addition to the advanced electronic signature, a photo of the National Identification Number or Passport.


Launch and demo at DIA Amsterdam 2018

On May 17th Signaturit and De Groote- De Man will present the tool to the public with an exclusive demonstration during a Show & Tell session at DIA Amsterdam 2018. This is the must-see event for insurtech and innovation in insurance.

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Find all information about eConsent on > Solutions to obtain consent in accordance with the new GDPR


This post is also available in Spanish





We have developed our solutions to obtain consent in accordance with the new GDPR together with the Belgian law firm De Groote - De Man, considered a pioneer in the field of innovative legal practice and therefore winner of the prestigious Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Award in 2017 .

De Groote de Man offers experience in several areas, with the new GDPR being one of its most valued specialties. According to Jeroen De Man, Managing Partner, "eConsent is a real tool, offering an airtight solution for all businesses in Europe to be compliant with the law. Thanks to the four different modules, it can be a match for any company.”



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