How Call2World uses eSignatures to optimize its contract management process

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If anything sets telecom operators established in the digital era apart from the more traditional operators, it is that the former don't have inherited IT systems. This facts gives them greater flexibility when using new technologies that complement their products and services. The result is that they are able to offer better experiences to their customers quickly, efficiently and at a more reasonable cost.

This advantage has been capitalized on by Call2World, a global telecommunications operator born in 2013 that decided to use our advanced electronic signature solution to close business contracts and get digital signatures for many other documents both quickly and safely.

For this reason, Call2World is the focus of Signaturit’s newest client success story. Read on to learn how the digital operator has overcome many obstacles thanks to our electronic signature tool and how the company as a whole has improved its document management processes.

This post is also available in Spanish.

How a digital telecommunications operator uses electronic signatures
Client Success Story: Call2World

Soon after starting the business in 2013, the managers of Call2World realized that, being a digitally-born telco, the company could not afford to continue managing its contract signing process and the signing of other documents such as NDAs (Non Disclosure Agreements) in a manual fashion.

Besides not being a document management system fit for an online telco, doing things by hand meant wasting valuable time. The system of getting documents signed manually not only required customers to print out contracts to sign and send them back to Call2World, but also created further delays as the company CEO would not always be available to provide his or her legitimizing signature as soon as it was needed.

Managing paper trails also implies more time loss, since documents not only have to be printed, scanned and sent to customers, but a company needs to constantly follow up with clients to ensure contracts are both signed and sent back to Call2World in the shortest possible time.



Call2World is a global telecommunications operator offering innovative solutions to reduce data consumption and national and international call costs made by companies by up to 80%

Founded in 2016
Currently present in 6 countries
Offices in Barcelona and Bogota

Our advanced electronic signature solution has proven to be ideal for digitizing Call2World’s entire document management process. After using Signaturit’s business account for the 14-day free trial, the online telco decided to register for the service to coordinate all of its contracts and get documents signed quickly and safely from the centralized comfort of Signaturit's dashboard.

Thanks to Signaturit, Call2World’s contract management process went from lasting between 3 and 4 days to just 30 minutes. For the digital operator, the new time period offered a good momentum in the process of finalizing a contract, making the company significant savings in terms of time and document management and a significant decrease in paper consumption.

The MAIN ADVANTAGES of our solution for a telecom operator are:

  • Customers do not have to download applications or register for Signaturit in order to digitally sign a document: they simply need a device such as a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • It is a cloud-based solution that sends and keeps track of documents to be signed, at any time and from anywhere.
  • It is a secure solution, using the same level of data protection as banks and government agencies.

The solution introduced has been very well received by Call2World’s customers, who appreciate that the commercial process is now fully digital without a need to use a printer.

With Signaturit, both parties receive a copy of the signed contract by email, which facilitates digital archiving. The Signaturit dashboard allows Call2World easy access of all their documents and contracts sent at any time and from anywhere, since our solution is hosted in the cloud.

If you want to know in greater detail how electronic signatures can benefit an online telco such as Call2World, be sure to download the next success story for free.

This post is also available in Spanish.call2world-case-study



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