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How Grupo MEDIAPRO uses the electronic signature

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In this post we want to explain how Grupo MEDIAPRO carried out the electronic signature project, and how it has proved to be a success. The company has been able to reduce the cost of management hours by 95%, thus obtaining the necessary signatures to comply with the legal regulations established in record time and avoiding the classic delays in executing audiovisual projects. 


The electronic signature in the MEDIAPRO Group

Grupo MEDIAPRO is an audiovisual giant with offices in 33 cities in more than 21 countries and more than 4,500 professionals. Among its many activities, they focus on the production of audiovisual content, films and interactive contents, as well as the management and distribution of sports events.

In order to carry out this type of work, there are many regulations that they must meet to avoid any legal irregularities that could pose a risk to the company's employees, which could also damage its reputation.

With the aim to optimize all of their processes necessary to close and execute projects where signed documentation is normally required, Grupo MEDIAPRO’s efficiency department launched an electronic signature project.

Beginning in October 2015 with the introduction of a new tool in the labor risk prevention department, the production department and the legal department: Signaturit’s electronic signature tool.




Grupo MEDIAPRO’s electronic signature project: a plan with a global reach

Núria Cabrero Solà, Head of the efficiency department of Grupo MEDIAPRO, told us that the electronic signature project was initiated to provide the most efficient solution to the traditional operating problems that most of the company shares:

  • Usually that was slowness in the processes of reviewing and approving projects.
  • Delays in project execution times.
  • Unnecessary pauses during execution
  • Delays due to lack of communication.

Although the electronic signature began to be implemented in three specific departments - labor risk prevention, production and legal - from the beginning they defined that the project’s scope would be global, and that it would be structured in stages according to the different use cases in the company.

To do so, Grupo MEDIAPRO is in the process of identifying which business units have processes that require signatures - internal or external - and how each process is organized.

From there, they will decide which type of electronic signature to use for each situation - simple, advanced or qualified - keeping in mind the following:

  1. The process of signing itself: purpose, associated documents, number of departments and people involved, relevance of the process at the business level, etc.

  2. The level of security required in each process: do we need to identify the signer? Do we need to collect electronic evidences in the signing process? What security guarantees and information protection are necessary? etc.

Which departments have successfully implemented Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature?

In the first phase of implementing the electronic signature project, Signaturit’s tool was introduced in three departments: in the labor risk prevention department (related to the HR department) and in the production and legal departments.

Although the common shared goal for them was to simplify procedures and improve efficiency, we explain in detail which are the specific goals they wanted to (and have) achieved in each department with the use of the electronic signature.

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1. Labor Risk Prevention Department

Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature has become a key solution to comply seamlessly with the legal regulations on the prevention of labor risks.”

Technical Director of the LRP Department

In the case of implementing Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature in the department of labor risk preventions, the main goal achieved has been to comply at all times  with the necessary legal regulations in the field of labor risks prevention.

On the other hand, they have managed to reduce manual procedures, thus significantly reducing the time invested in document management, and they have also achieved the status of an energy efficient department.

2. Production Department

The great advance since we use Signaturit’s electronic signature solution is that we have accelerated the processes of incorporating personnel, cutting down the time to sign the documents required by the regulations.”

Head of the Production Department

In the Production Department, among the main operational goals that were proposed and are currently being met thanks to the advanced electronic signature, we highlight that they have managed to reduce the risks of losing business opportunities due to mistakes in the required regulatory documentation, or due to missing the deadline to deliver documents because of  a lack of signatures.

Additionally, they have eliminated the delays in incorporating personnel into projects due to not having the documents required by regulation signed on time.



3. Legal Department

The high staff mobility has caused some dysfunctions and difficulties in the moment of signing certain contracts. With Signaturit we have been able to overcome these difficulties and simplify processes.

Head of the Legal Department

And lastly, the legal department has also managed to optimize their operational processes through the advanced electronic signature:

  • They have reduced the risk of errors in documents submitted to the administration.
  • They have managed to avoid delays in signing contracts in cases where partners are abroad.
  • They have reduced the time dedicated to follow up tasks for contract signatures.
If you want to know in greater detail how Grupo MEDIAPRO has implemented the advanced electronic signature solution in these three departments, and what are the main benefits that they have obtained, download the following case study.

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