How is technology changing all HR Management Processes in companies?

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We are digital and live in a digital age, where almost all company processes can be adapted to new technological formulas. Hiring and personnel management processes too. Innovative platforms and tools are changing the relationships between recruiters, candidates, managers and employees, creating more efficient dynamics and optimising time.

In addition to analysing the digitalisation of these recruitment and management processes, in the following post we want to explain how Grupo MEDIAPRO carried out the electronic signature project, and how it has proved to be a success. 


Technological innovation in recruitment processes and personnel management

Digitalisation has had a significant impact on a large part of HR processes. So as to keep up with the times, promote productivity and accelerate processes, professionals are encouraged to use 2.0 collaboration tools, such as document sharing in the cloud or video-conferencing. But it is true that one area where the impact has been the greatest is in personnel recruitment processes.

And until a few years ago selection processes were still carried out manually with the traditional written job offers in newspapers and through the management of paper CVs.

The implementation of ICT in the selection process has lead to a complete reconfiguration of the recruiting process. We’re talking about selection through social networks such as Linkedin, and the completion of employment contracts through the advanced electronic signature of the conditions.

Electronic tools, the use of "big data", CV management software, video call platforms and so on, are all ready to put an end to the eternal selection processes that can be so damaging to this vital part of any company's success.

3 tips to digitalise the hiring process and personnel management


1. Use RRSS when posting job offers

78% of people use social networks to get jobs. The use of these will help you place job offers and connect you with potential employees. LinkedIn for example, is one of the most highly-valued employment platforms and the most often used by human resources professionals.

2. It uses video resumes

The best thing about audiovisual support is that you can see the candidate for a few minutes and appreciate some of the skills that you may not otherwise perceive when using the traditional paper format.

3. Use electronic management tools

In addition to employment portals there are many tools offering various services that help complement selection processes, such as Ventrevista. This is a tool that allows the first stage of the process to be done online, using a webcam or Attach to check when they have started an online technical test that you sent.

Absence is another useful tool that simplifies holiday management, sick leaves or other absences, and will help you to do away with the complicated Excel spreadsheets.

Another example is our advanced electronic signature for Human Resources that in addition to streamlining departmental procedures for new hirings, greatly facilitates the relationship between a company and its employees for all other documentation to be signed during their working life.



Grupo MEDIAPRO is an audiovisual giant with offices in 33 cities in more than 21 countries and more than 4,500 professionals. 

With the aim to optimize all of their processes necessary to close and execute projects where signed documentation is normally required, Grupo MEDIAPRO’s efficiency department launched an electronic signature project: Signaturit’s electronic signature tool.

Instalaciones Grupo MEDIAPRO.jpgGrupo Mediapro Installations

How HR department have successfully implemented Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature? 

1. Labor Risk Prevention 

Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature has become a key solution to comply seamlessly with the legal regulations on the prevention of labor risks.”

Technical Director of MEDIAPRO

In the case of implementing Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature, the main goal achieved has been to comply at all times  with the necessary legal regulations in the field of labor risks prevention. On the other hand, they have managed to reduce manual procedures, thus significantly reducing the time invested in document management, and they have also achieved the status of an energy efficient department.

2. Production Tasks

The great advance since we use Signaturit’s electronic signature solution is that we have accelerated the processes of incorporating personnel, cutting down the time to sign the documents required by the regulations.”

Head of the Production 

In the Production Tasks, among the main operational goals that were proposed and are currently being met thanks to the advanced electronic signature, we highlight that they have managed to reduce the risks of losing business opportunities due to mistakes in the required regulatory documentation, or due to missing the deadline to deliver documents because of  a lack of signatures. Additionally, they have eliminated the delays in incorporating personnel into projects due to not having the documents required by regulation signed on time.

If you want to know in greater detail how Grupo MEDIAPRO has implemented the advanced electronic signature solution in this departments and others, and what are the main benefits that they have obtained, download the following case study.

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