How to build a digital culture in your company

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Not so long ago, companies were facing significant challenges that required them to change their day-to-day activities. At the present time, the new digital economy has made it almost mandatory that businesses prepare themselves for continuous upheaval and change.

The key issue is that employees must have the ability to constantly adapt as well as acquire new knowledge and skills, but many professionals remain unprepared and indisposed to assume that responsibility. To help and encourage professional development in employees as well as ensure the company’s survival, it is necessary to establish a digital company culture that fosters the desire in employees to both learn and contribute to change.

Below are 10 tips to promote a healthy digital culture in your organization.

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10 tips for building a digital culture in your business

1. Establish your company's digital vision

Don’t be tempted to base your vision on a motivating phrase that lacks any real substance. Instead, pinpoint a series of firm and medium-term goals in a business plan and envisage how your company will look once its digital culture is fully established.

2. Set goals and deadlines

To achieve any kind of aspirational vision, it is important to set out the journey in a plan with specific objectives and realistic deadlines. Don’t forget to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that will allow you to track any successes as the plan is being deployed, step by step.

3. Reward digital champions

It is well worth giving a voice to the supporters and those responsible for any successes in your company’s digital journey, allowing the rest of the team to feel implicated in any achievements and encourage them to actively participate in change-making. It is also important to reward digital champions, either through bonuses, salary increases, longer holidays, or by providing training and more flexible working conditions.

"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual."
Vince Lombardi, American football player and coach.

4. Encourage creativity

Companies wishing to establish a digital culture have to rethink how they respond to creativity. The latter should be both encouraged and rewarded, because even companies with a holistic business plan must be open to change to better suit the needs of a digital economy, and the success of those changes will depend on the creativity of a proactive and motivated team.

5. Provide continuous training

Similarly, it is important to redefine how training is perceived. In the case of many SMEs, “training” as a concept is limited to compliance with the law through basic courses on occupational hazards. We must be aware that it is both valuable and possible to help employees acquire digital skills.

6. Change how mistakes are perceived

A very important change that must be made to successfully establish a company’s digital culture is in its relationship with employees. The traditional attitude towards errors and mistakes must be completely revised: rather than seeing them as a reason to dole out punishments, a company should perceive errors as a learning experience for the entire company. Mistakes are only made by those who are making an attempt to do something. It shouldn’t be forgotten that one of those attempts will prove a perfect solution. 

"I haven not failed. I have just found 10.000 things that do not work."
- Thomas Alva Edison, electric light bulb investor and businessman.

7. Establish a code of digital conduct

It is also advisable to establish a code of digital culture in your business that covers all your working processes and stimulates behaviorial changes. This code should serve to remind employees of both the collective and individual benefits of compliance. In order to be fully integrated into the company’s infrastructure, the code should be visible in corridors, meeting rooms and common areas.

8. Allow employees time to think

Another widespread practice in companies with a strong digital culture is to allocate times for the whole company to think collectively about their digital transformation, such as during a simple fortnightly meeting. Such a time is ideal to update the whole team on the company’s progress, any ongoing changes and even to encourage the active participation of all employees in any decisions already made or yet to be taken.

9. Be patient

However obvious it may seem, it’s very important to have patience when consolidating a digital culture in a company. Any temptation to speed up the process, especially through steps that impinge upon the time and effort of employees, may condemn the whole process to fail, simply because workers end up perceiving the move as an imposition and a hindrance to their job.

10. Understand that building a digital culture is a permanent work in progress

Finally, to emphasize the idea in the introduction to this post, companies must understand and communicate to their teams that the digital transformation will never be complete, but a continual work in progress.

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This post is also available in Spanish

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