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How to integrate Signaturit with Salesforce?


In the context of digital transformation, it is vital that you have appropriate software in your company that makes it easier to close deals faster, that increases sales productivity and that improves the overall customer experience.

And when it comes to closing a deal, sales professionals will always want these digital tools to be able to help them to be as efficient as possible.

In the following post, we show you how you can achieve this goal thanks to our integration with Salesforce, the software platform widely known for having developed the most powerful CRM on the market today.

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Integration of Signaturit with Salesforce

Every sales professional knows that until an agreement has been signed, a sale is not considered closed. And in order for this to happen, many factors come into play, some of which are predictable and some of which are not.

Here at Signaturit we want to streamline this final stage of the process so that companies can better oversee the complete cycle of a sales transaction and close deals from anywhere with Internet access.

Thanks to our integration with the market leader CMR, sales teams will increase their targets without having to travel, make calls, send emails, or scan. They can get the approval of contractual conditions, i.e. signatures, in a few simple clicks.

Those interested in entering into a contract will provide a signature in a quick and secure manner, from any device and without the need to download an application. Furthermore, professionals will manage directly from Salesforce, improving document management.


1. What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an easy-to-use and flexible cloud platform for management and communication that helps connect businesses with their customers.

This CRM has been a market leader since its launch in 2000 because it allows sales teams to access crucial information in order to close deals from anywhere with an Internet connection. In addition, it was one of the first online applications with an API, so information could be sent to Salesforce from any other application.

Salesforce features:

⦁ Manage relationships with customers and potential customers with a set of applications and services.

⦁ Supervise the customer's activity in each channel.

⦁ Create marketing campaigns.

⦁ Artificial intelligence: the first AI system integrated into a CRM platform

⦁ Create community among colleagues so they can help solve problems between them.

⦁ Customise a set of applications and fields within them in order to track everything you need.

⦁ Generate budgets, proposals and contracts for potential clients

⦁ Collect data from panel, analyses and reports.

⦁ Better support customers by obtaining essential information in support channels.

⦁ Native applications for iOS and Android, and integration with Microsoft Outlook.


2. Why integrate Signaturit with Salesforce? What are the benefits?

  1.  Quick and legal closing of commercial contracts, which accelerates the completion of a sales process and the obtaining of results.

  2. Secure transactions with legal guarantees: Salesforce contains large volumes of valuable data for the company.

    Thanks to Signaturit, you can ensure that transactions with them and the signing of commercial contracts are carried out with the same maximum legal guarantees as if they were being done via traditional means.

  3. Centralise everything in a single platform: Having everything centralised simplifies the processes of contractual management and monitoring which provides greater efficiency.

    In addition, our electronic signature solution allows you to view the status of the contract online and in real time.

  4. It makes it easier for customers to sign the contract: Who enjoys having to print documents in order to sign them? Nobody. Making it easier for your customers to sign contracts is an advantage that they will be grateful for.

  5. Make the most of Salesforce's potential to customise the software and create tools natively: It is one of the biggest advantages of the platform - the potential to create tools, applications and utilities in a way that is fully customised and adapted to the particular needs of the organisation.


3. Use case

The most common use case of Signaturit for Salesforce is to send sales proposals and contracts.

When it comes to sales, timeframes are very important and the less time the various stages of the process take the better. Thanks to Signaturit for Salesforce, you can automate the entire sales process without having to deal with document management.

Sales teams can send their sales agreements in a few simple steps by using Signaturit in its opportunity entry, budget or any other customised item they may be using.

In addition, sales contracts can be configured as a template in Signaturit to be used again and again in the Salesforce plug-in, reducing the time taken to create documents. Finally, once the document is completed and signed, it is synced up with Salesforce again.

Also, with Signaturit for Salesforce, the time of the complete sales cycle can be measured and potentially optimised as you will have all the data to hand: how many proposals were sent, how many were accepted and how many were rejected.

Below we look at what exactly it is that our integration allows you to do.


4. What does integration of Signaturit with Salesforce allow you to do?

⦁ Identify the user in Salesforce using their token / API key.

⦁ Set whether to download the files in Salesforce or not (+ files in Salesforce is faster, - the size given by Salesforce is limited).

⦁ Integrate the signature request to accounts, contacts, opportunities, etc. All standard Salesforce entities.

⦁ Integrate the signature request in non-standard Salesforce entities by including a small piece of code (for Salesforce administrators).

⦁ Mark the position where users have to sign the documents.

⦁ Track signature requests.

⦁ Download the signed document and audit trail directly in Salesforce.


5. How to integrate Signaturit with Salesforce?

Any user who has Salesforce can install this plug-in. The plug-in is compatible with both versions, no matter where you install it, in the old version of Salesforce or the Lightning Experience version.

In the guide that you will find at the end of this post, you will be able to consult all the information you need in order to integrate and start using Signaturit from Salesforce.


Thanks to our integration, sign and manage your documents from any device and without exiting Salesforce. Collaborate and sell in teams, manage contact and look for opportunities, from first contact to shipment, while offering your customers a streamlined and secure experience.

As well as being integrated with this market leader platform for companies in the cloud, Signaturit is currently integrated into several large softwares such as Drupal and Wordpress.

Of course, to facilitate integration with any platform we have published a complete documentation - https://docs.signaturit.com - and we have created SDKs for 6 different programming languages: PHP, Ruby, Java, Python, Swift and NodeJS.

If you use Salesforce in your company, the integration guide of our plugin interests you. Download it now for free and without any commitment.

This post is also available in Spanish