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Having your contact list updated in Signaturit can enormously speed up and facilitate the process of editing and sending documents to sign. This best practice, in addition to bringing all of your contacts to the same place, will allow you to add recipients with just one click, without needing to write names or email addresses.

Do you want to learn more about how to speed up sending documents to sign, quickly managing your contacts? We explain everything you need to know in this post.

This post is also available in Spanish.

How to add contacts to your Signaturit contact book?

There are three ways to add contacts in Signaturit:

1. The smart way
automatically import all of your contacts.

  • Go to Settings and go to the Contacts tab.
  • Click on Import and synchronize your contacts from Gmail, Outlook or those you have in a Vcard file.
Once you have finished the process, you will have all of your contacts available in your Signaturit contact book.

2. The manual way
: add your contacts one by one.

Click on “Add contact” from the same Contacts tab, and fill out the user data (name and Email) from the pop-up window that will appear. You can use the (+) button to speed up the process.

3. The “default” way.

Each time you send a document to sign and enter a new signer's email from the screen add recipients, the new contact will appear registered in your contact list by default. The number of contacts will gradually increase without you noticing.

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To know more about managing your contacts in Signaturit, check out this page

Why is it convenient to create a contact book in Signaturit?

The really useful thing about having your contact book in Signaturit is that it allows you to add various recipients with just one click when you want to send a document to sign.

In the screen above, designed to add recipients and set up the email content, click on the blue letters in the phrase: “If there are many signers, you can select them from your list”

Once you click, a dropdown will appear with all of your contacts. Select those that you need, click outside the list, and they will be automatically added in the Name and Email field.


In case you do not have to deal with a large number of signers, click on the Name or Email boxes to get a list of suggestions: all the contacts you have in your contact list will appear there. Select the contact that you want and the fields will automatically be filled in.

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An additional trick: include your contact's name from the edit screen

This last trick will also help you to speed up sending documents to sign: as you know, in the editing screen of the document, just above the document there is a tab that says Signer 1. If you click on the pencil that appears to the left side of Signer 1 you can substitute this generic name for the first letters or full name of the person that you will send the document to sign.


When you get to the add recipients screen, the letters (or full name) of the recipient that you have put in the place of Signer 1 will appear in the Name field. When you click on it, the first suggestion that will appear in the dropdown will be the most relevant. You can click on it so that all the fields fill out automatically.

To know more about editing and sending a document to sign, check out this step-by-step guide.

As you can see, having your contacts list updated is a best practice that helps to maintain your contacts organized in Signaturit, and it speeds up automating the process of editing documents and sending them to sign more efficiently. A simple option that you can use almost without realizing it.

Read more information and tutorials in our Help Center.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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