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How yaencontre uses the electronic signature to close service contracts with customers

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The online real estate website yaencontre was created in 2000 with the mission to help people find the perfect space to live, start a family, build a business, invest or to relax. As time passed, it has become a competitive reference and efficient tool for real estate agents and individuals that need to sell, buy or rent property all over Spain.

Since implementing Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature solution in 2014, yaencontre has managed to speed up closing their sales processes, as it has reduced the necessary time to sign contracts to provide service to its customers. In this post we explain how yaencontre has benefited from using Signaturit, as well as the real estate agents and property developers who choose to use their services.

The problem: clients' lack of time to sign contracts

When a real estate company or agency decides to hire the property management services from yaencontre, they must sign three documents:

  1. The document contracting yaencontre’s services.
  2. The registration document - to register as clients on the platform.
  3. The SEPA document - required by the bank for yaencontre to charge them.

The main problem that yaencontre had was at the moment to close contracts with clients, because those who normally have to sign  - the owner, the property manager or property developer- are usually quite busy, frequently out of the office and with very little availability to sign documents. This meant that service sales were often delayed due to the matter of signing contracts.


The online real estate website
yaencontre brings together real estate sellers and buyers in the main Spanish capitals.

Yaencontre’s website and app (available for tablets and iOS or Android smartphones) includes all of the features and content necessary to find any type of space for sale or to rent. Through its platforms yaencontre provides the connection between supply and demand for all of Spain.

In addition to their website, they offer: property management software, information and studies on the real estate sector, targeted advertising, creating real estate websites and other types of online marketing services aimed at real estate agencies, builders and developers.

Industry: Internet.

Founded in 2000.

The solution: Signaturit's electronic signature as the perfect tool to sign contracts anytime, anywhere

To solve the problem of their clients’ limited time availability to sign the necessary documents, and thus being able to close service contracts faster, yaencontre decided to implement Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature solution.

In their case, they decided to integrate Signaturit via API into the company’s CRM to incorporate the feature of sending documents to sign into their normal procedural flow, in order to manage the entire relationship with customers through one single tool.

In this way, yaencontre’s salespeople just have to access their CRM to send documents to sign to any clients, such as the necessary documents to close a service contract.

Meanwhile, the clients do not have to register in Signaturit to sign the documents. To do so, they only need to enter their email inbox, open the mail, open the document and sign it with Signaturit. They can do so from any device - smartphone, tablet or computer - anytime, anywhere.

Signaturit’s solution allows contracts to be signed in real time, and customers can sign the required documents during a conversation with yaencontre salespeople.

“For our customers and for us, it's very important to close all issues during a telephone conversation with our salespeople, and before hanging up the phone they can already begin to enjoy the services contracted.”
- Xavier Vedoya, Commercial Director of yaencontre

The result is that with Signaturit everyone benefits: yaencontre managed to reduce the minimum time necessary to close sales contracts and register new clients; and the clients can enjoy the services that yaencontre offers practically immediately.

If you want to know more about how yaencontre uses Signaturit, how they’ve improved their sales process, and why they have chosen Signaturit from all of the electronic signature solutions that are in the market, download the following free case study.