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iBanFirst uses Signaturit to speed up customer onboarding


iBanFirst, European payment system specialised in international transactions for importing and exporting SMEs, uses our electronic signature solution to help their customers to sign up online.

In this post we explain how this European company is benefiting from our electronic signature to simplify their customers' lives.


iBanFirst and Signaturit: a collaboration to simplify customer registration

iBanFirst is a BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) company that offers an intuitive and transparent solution for companies dedicated to foreign trade. With iBanFirst these companies can open accounts in various currencies and make international payments at a lower cost than with a traditional bank.

Simplicity, transparency and technology are the pillars of the relationship between iBanFirst and their customers, which goes beyond the typical customer-supplier relationship.

At Signaturit we 100% share these principles, and we always want to offer an optimal user experience, without forgetting about the legal and security requirements intrinsic in financial transactions.

A common goal: to simplify customers' lives 
as well as guaranteeing to meet legal requirements.

Sharing the same vision in terms of how we do things, the collaboration between iBanFirst and Signaturit made complete sense and has been easy to implement.

iBanFirst decided to trust our advanced electronic signature solution because, as a company that supports technology to simplify processes, it is aware of the benefits of incorporating an electronic signature solution such as ours.

So, under this agreement, the new customers of this fintech company will enjoy the merging of both philosophies. They can expect full legal guarantees when registering on the platform, and they will be able to do it quickly and easily thanks to our electronic signature software.


"Even though many sectors can benefit from our reliable services, we feel especially comfortable working with fintech companies such as iBanFirst, as we are completely aligned with the philosophy of their CEO and Founder, Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier.”

Thanks to this partnership, iBanFirst will allow their users to remotely sign contracts when opening an account, and to also do so meeting all the legal and regulatory requirements".

- Juan Zamora, Co-Founder and CEO of Signaturit


This means that, from now on, whoever wants to sign up to iBanFirst can do so in a few seconds from any device - mobile, tablet or computer - whenever, and wherever, thanks to Signaturit.

As well as dramatically reducing the processing times for customer registration, the speed to complete this process reinforces the image of iBanFirst as a technological and innovative company.


About iBanFirst

iBanFirst was founded in 2013 by the former CEO of Saxo Bank Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier as a payment service dedicated to importing and exporting SMEs.

This French entrepreneur from the fintech sector aimed to offer these companies an alternative to the banks. His ambitious project intended to simplify daily financial operations for trading companies, with simple technology and at a lower cost than that offered by the traditional bank.

With iBanFirst, exporting companies can open accounts in various currencies and make international payments, saving up to 70% on transaction fees.

To date, the platform has enabled over 2.1 billion Euros in international transactions and has been able to gain the trust of over 1,100 clients by offering them real-time exchange rates and transparent pricing.



Pierre-Antoine Dusoulier, Founder and CEO of iBanFirst. 


The Signaturit electronic signature for on-boarding processes at fintech companies

The advanced electronic signature from Signaturit is a solution that enables the on-boarding (or registration) process for customers, as it allows to sign contracts related to all legal and security guarantees.

We also have 5 authentication systems, that complement our electronic signature solution, to ensure the identity of those signing with a high level of confidence.

Signaturit is a company recognized as an Trust Service Provider (TSP) by the supervisory body mentioned, and as a Trusted Third party according to the Spanish Law on the Services of the Information Society (LSSI - Law 34/2002, of July 11 of the Information Services Society and Electronic Commerce).

Our electronic signature software was conceived from the beginning to comply with the European Regulation eIDAS. Therefore, not only does it allow to request and make advanced electronic signatures within the EU framework, but our signatures also comply with the requirements established by the United States laws, UETA Act and the E-Sign Act.

If you would like to try Signaturit for digitizing your eSignature processes, internal or with third parties, sign up now and try all of our features for free for 14 days.

To know more about how eSignatures work, you can download the following whitepaper for fintech companies. If you have any questions regarding the features and applications of our solution, please feel free to get in touch. 

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