What are the 6 traits the most efficient digital companies share?

Posted by media on February 7, 2017 at 9:00 AM

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The digital transformation of any company must be understood as a holistic process that inevitably affects a company's entire business structure: organization, processes, systems and incentives. To begin such a profound change process, each company should start by carrying out a self-evaluation that will serve to define how to do it, and to establish some realistic timings to do so.  

Although each company is different, there are a number of common characteristics shared by all those companies that have succeeded in completing their digital transformation. In this post we have made an infographic that includes these characteristics, specifically six.

This infographic is also available in Spanish.


How is a digital company?

The digital world has revolutionized the traditional way of doing business to impose a complete transformation in companies. Being a digital company goes far beyond having a Facebook page and posting on social networks. "Transforming" is not the same as "adapting" to the digital age.

The digital transformation involves the integration of digital technology in all areas of a company, fundamentally changing the way it operates and the internal culture.

To initiate such a profound change process, each company must start by making a self-assessment that serves to define how to do it, and establish realistic timings for it.

But to facilitate the process the best and most practical is to look at those companies that have made this path successfully and take them as a reference. If we analyze them, we conclude that they share at least these 6 characteristics.


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This infographic has been created from the post  6 Characteristics of the Most Efficient Digital Companies, also published on this blog.

This infographic is also available in Spanish.

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