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Interview with José Morales, ICT Manager of Acciona División Inmobiliaria

Interview with José Morales, ICT Manager of Acciona Inmobiliaria

Acciona División Inmobiliaria is one of the leading residential property development and management companies in Spain. Over the years, the company has developed over 9,000 homes in Spain, Mexico, and Poland.

In this post we have the pleasure of interviewing José Morales, the ICT Manager at this well-known company, who explained how they use Signaturit’ s advanced electronic signature in the signing of property sales contracts and what the results have been.

Acciona División Inmobiliaria and Signaturit’s electronic signature


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CLIENT STORY: How Acciona Real Estate has digitalized
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About Acciona División Inmobiliaria

With 30 years experience in the sector, ACCIONA División Inmobiliaria is one of the leading residential property development and management companies in Spain, although the company is also currently strengthening its international division.

Specifically, ACCIONA División Inmobiliaria already has residential portfolios in Mexico, Poland, and Portugal and plans to put a total of 12 developments on the market this year, which means an offer of 1,200 homes in those markets.




What problem did Acciona División Inmobiliaria have in the signing of property sale contracts?

“We had the usual obstacles that you get when you use paper and need a client’s signature.

Our old processes meant we had to make journeys, use couriers, organise appointments, and deal with the hassle of not having the documents on time in some cases.

A really representative example of our problem was when foreign clients wanted to purchase a property from us, they would have to wait till they came to Spain to close the deal.”


📢 Before implementing Signaturit’s advanced electronic signature solution a little over two years ago, all sales and earnest-money contracts were signed on paper:

  1. The sales team at Acciona División Inmobiliaria would draw up the documents and, after review, all the pages would be signed by hand by Acciona.

  2. The date of the appointment with the client at the point of sale for the property being sold would be confirmed.

  3. All the documents to be signed by the client would be sent by courier so that they could review them the day before the appointment.

  4. On the day of the appointment, the client would review the sales documents once more and would sign every page.

There were many obstacles posed by doing this process on paper: the journeys, the time it took, the use of paper, the inconvenience for clients and staff, posting documents, the risk of loss, delays, mistakes, and so on.



Acciona División Inmobiliaria.


How has it solved this problem thanks to Signaturit?

“In our case, it provides us with quick, secure, and traceable signing for all our client documents.

The Signaturit platform is a secure and quick way for clients to sign the required documents by themselves using their phone or in our points of sale on a graphics tablet. What’s more, both parties receive a copy straight away.

I mentioned our problems when dealing with foreign clients earlier, but just imagine our use case of room lease contracts in student residences.

Parents no longer need to travel to student residences in other regions. They can sign the contract for their child’s room straight from their phone.

That is a big plus for them and that is the feedback we have got since we implemented it in our processes.”


📢 Since starting to use Signaturit, the process for closing a property sales operation has been simplified and streamlined.

The process is now as follows:

  1. The documents are uploaded to the Signaturit platform (dashboard) and the deadlines for the client to sign, the fields required in accordance with their rights and obligations, and the order of the signing flow are set.

  2. The documents to be signed are sent.

  3. They are signed, either on a mobile device or a graphics tablet at any of Acciona División Inmobiliaria’s points of sale.

This process can be completed in just 3 minutes.


Which documents are signed using Signaturit?

“We use the platform both for our client relationships and internally between our staff.

In terms of our clients, we use Signaturit for everything related to property developments where we sign all the sales operations documents (earnest-money contracts, sales contracts, insurance policies, and so on). And in terms of student residences, we use it for the room deposits and contracts of the university students who choose us every year.

Likewise, as we have staff in branches all over Spain, we use it internally because of how quickly and easily we can sign the necessary documents and approvals in certain processes.”

Sales operations for properties involve the signing of roughly 200 documents per month, including sales contracts, earnest-money contracts, insurance policies, and other related documents.



José Morales in the offices.


Why Signaturit?

“For 3 main reasons:

Anywhere, anytime, any device. I can sign wherever and whenever I want because I can do it on my phone or in-person at my Acciona División Inmobiliaria point of contact for people who don’t have a smartphone. The platform adapts to my needs.

It makes a good impression on clients.  New clients appreciate the ease and speed of the electronic signature as part of a modern and digital company.Because it ties in with our paperless culture. As a leader in sustainability, we thought it was very important that ACCIONA’s digitalisation process completely eliminated paper from all processes that could be fully digitalised.”

Thank you very much, José!


Client story: Acciona División Inmobiliaria and Signaturit

If you want to know all the details of Acciona División Inmobiliaria’s experience with Signaturit and what the main benefits that our advanced electronic signature solution offers this innovative company, then make sure you download the following client story.

There, we explain the reasons that led Acciona División Inmobiliaria to select our solution, which processes have been digitalised, the results achieved, and why the company recommends that other companies from all sectors use Signaturit’s electronic signature.

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information on how to enjoy greater efficiency in your company by sending an email to info@signaturit or calling +31 20-808-62-03


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