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Living our Core Values - Signaturit’s Manifesto

Signaturit's Core Values are shared by the entire team.

Core values are the cornerstone of every company. They not only shape the identity of the organization, but they also act as a guiding light for their employees. Core values are the essence of the company’s identity and summarize the purpose of its existence.

In this post, we explain our core values, those that guide our actions every day at Signaturit, and we would like to do so by transcribing a speech given by Juan Zamora, co-founder and CEO at Signaturit, at a meeting on April 30, that gathered the whole team in our offices in Barcelona.


Our core values are part of who we are and how we act

“One year ago, we had less than 40 people in the team. We were starting to approach international markets; Marketing & Sales didn’t work together.

We didn’t have a Market Research team. We didn’t have more than 2 people working in our CS team. Our Human Resources director was alone managing all the staff. We didn’t have a specific person taking care of People.

The product team was focused only on our 3 main products: eDelivery, eSignatures, and eID.

Core Values - Signaturit’s Manifesto
Our CEO Juan Zamora, the day of the speech.

Today, we are more than 80 people in the team. We are moving fast on the international markets we were just landing on one year ago. Marketing & Sales are finally truly aligned!

Our Market Research team consists of 5 people. Our Customer Success team, 12 people. Our People team, 5 people, with one person focused exclusively on our people experience, development and happiness at Signaturt.

Also, we are now investing in R+D, developing new software products on cutting edge technology that, together with our core-products, make up a set of solutions that will help companies to manage their entire document management workflow, always with the maximum legal guarantees and complying with our highest standards regarding the security of electronic transactions.

It’s awesome what we have done during this time: one year.

Nothing would have been possible without our core values, which are critical to creating a long-lasting, successful and motivating place to work.

And the following are our core values:”


Trust & Be Real

“We have done all these incredible things because we trust each other. We’ve known that all of us are always willing to help and support each other, to solve together any single challenge. We can count on everyone at Signaturit to do everything we set out to do.

That’s why in Signaturit we want real people, who are not afraid to make mistakes, nor to express their ideas, always with respect.

Transparent people, with enough confidence to be themselves and who want to improve and grow individually and as a team.

We do not want people to praise us. We need people better than us, who tell us the truth.”

We don't want people that tell us
how great we are.

We need people better than us,
to tell us the truth.

foto-Q2-teamSignaturit's team, the day of the speech.

Go The Extra Mile & Take Ownership

“The challenge for SaaS B2B companies - thus, the challenge for Signaturit - is that every year, every month and even every day, we must put the counter to zero.

Which means that we must be alert and do each one of us as much as possible, assuming individual responsibilities.

The objective for each of us at Signaturit is to do things better every day, trying to innovate in what we are doing and helping the team to do things well. This way, we will together go that extra mile that any startup needs to go to succeed.

We are in a moment where the issue is no longer if our product works or not. This is taken for granted. We are in a moment where the most important thing is how fast we can move forward when expanding our services while competing with other trust service providers.

We are in a moment in which

the most important thing

is how fast we can go.

Therefore, it’s not a matter of product innovation. It’s a matter of innovation of the company itself, and this involves each department of Signaturit.”


Grow without Ego

“Last but not least, I would like to mention what makes the real difference in terms of a team. A value that is key to align all the other values of the company, to develop healthy personal relationships and foster company growth: grow without ego.

All of us at Signaturit need to be humble, but confident. We need to be respectful, but always with a strong commitment to our beliefs. Remember, it’s all about people, not software.”

“Remember, it’s all about people,
not software.”

 Living our Core Values - Signaturit’s ManifestoSignaturit's team, the day of the speech.


“We are creating a culture, a team, a family, based on our values. Each person in the team is a true ambassador of Signaturit, and every action hef or she takes has strong consequences for future colleagues and for the entire team.

The good news is that thanks to everything we have built, we have a promising future. We have done an incredible job during this last year and we can achieve really good things.

However, all this effort means nothing if we do not continue to push the market harder and harder, while at the same time keeping all of our values as a top priority.

Finally, we should remember that it’s impossible to grow alone. We not only need the support of the whole team, we also need the support of our clients and users.

We are where we are now thanks to them and their trust. For them, we must put the counter to zero every morning. We can not live in the past, we have to work hard today, to generate an incredible future.”

By Juan Zamora, Co-Founder and CEO at Signaturit.

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