Multi-factor authentication signature using SMS, picture and audio

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While the electronic signature solution provided by Signaturit is the only one in the market that allows for the unquestionable association of a signature to a single signatory, due to the use of our leading biometric technology, there are certain transactions in which whoever requests a signature needs additional evidences other than the signature draw itself.

Since we are aware of this need, and we are faithful to fulfilling all the demands of our customers, we offer three additional forms of authentication for all our customers who hold a Business account, that can be used separately or combined. In all cases, the use of the multiple factor authentication increases the security of the signature process.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Specifically, in addition to the signature, our users may request the document’s signer to confirm his/her identity and compliance with a specific transaction by 3 different means:

  1. By entering an authentication code sent to his/her mobile phone
  2. By incorporating a picture of any document ID to the document to be signed and/or

  3. By performing an audio recording expressing his/her explicit consent

With these features, Signaturit’s Business customers can incorporate the multi-factor authentication to any signing request in a simple and intuitive way.

How does the multi-factor authentication work?

To use the multi-factor authentication signature - which includes 10 SMS per month for free, and extensible for more requests by upgrading your account - is very simple.

After clicking the 'Send Document' button on the control panel, adding the PDF to

sign and filling in the required fields, the dialog box opens and there you can add the recipients and write the content for your signature request message. In that dialog box, right to the fields 'Name' and 'Email', there are three icons: a camera, a microphone and a smartphone. There you can configure the additional authentication signature request:

  • If you click on the camera icon, you are requesting the signatory for further authentication by image. Besides signing the document with his/her finger or by using the mouse pointer, the signatory must also submit a photo of any identification document - ID card, passport, bank statement …-  taken on the spot with his/her smartphone or tablet, or stored in any device, laptop or desktop computer.
  • If you click on the microphone icon, the additional authentication you are requesting to the signatory consists of an audio recording, easy to register in real time with any device with a microphone. By recording an audio file, the signatory confirms his/her identity and gives consent to the transaction.
  • Lastly, if you click on the smartphone icon and you introduce the signatory’s phone number, he/she will receive a 4 digit authentication code on his/her mobile phone via SMS. This number will be required in order for the signatory to access the signing screen.
In order for you to easily use these additional authentication features, we have designed an intuitive interface that will guide you throughout the process. The steps for the signatory to follow are equally easy and fast.

In any case, if you would like to use any of these features, we recommend you to include a description of what needs to be done in the signature request text. The signatory will have a quick overlook of the signing steps needed when additional authentication is required: he/she will know what kind of image to attach, what kind of information is necessary to include in the audio recording or how to use the authentication code.

At the end of the signing process with multi-factor authentication, both the signatory and the sender will receive a copy of the signed document, of the attached picture and/or of the audio recording as an additional identification evidence. Thus, both parties will see the transaction’s security and transparency increased, making it easier for companies and individuals to adapt their signature requests to the security needs of each situation.

Remember that you can try Signaturit for free, but the multiple steps authentication methods are only available for users of the Business account.

In case you need more information about our eSignatures solutions, simply download the whitepaper below.

This post is also available in Spanish.



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