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An enhanced experience for setting up a new signature request


This month we've been quietly working on some really awesome updates for October to make sure your experience using Signaturit is as smooth as ever.  Let's start getting into detail on the enhanced experience to configure and send your signature requests. 

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This post is also available in Spanish and French.

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Everything you need to know when sending a new request

Completely renewed, with a new design and functionalities aligned between the different signature flows (simple and advanced). We have elevated the experience of configuring and sending a new signature request into a powerful yet simple tool to streamline your signing processes.

What's new?

  1. Aligned functionalities for simple and advanced signature
    Now, with the new version of the shipping configuration screen, we take the simple signature to the next level by adding flexibility and more options when configuring your signature requests.

  2. Usability improved 
    Intuitively, now you can configure your signature requests in seconds and in just a few clicks. Use our drag & drop to decide the signature order you need and quickly configure your reminders.

  3. Renewed and unified look and feel
    In this case, beauty is not only on the inside. Until now, we had two different configurators depending on the type of signature chosen. With the new sending configuration experience, we have unified, simplified, and improved to the last detail, turning both configurators into one.


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The 4 steps to follow and send your signature request


With our new configurator, sending a signature request is as simple as following these 4 convenient steps:


1. Configure your recipients

This is the most important step. In it, you will define the flow that your request will follow and the necessary security layers that you want to add.

Here you have several options:

  • Use the validator role to check that the data is correct and that the document is valid.
  • You can also ask the signer to attach files necessary for the agreement and validate them, for example, a copy of the ID if necessary.
  • You can request the signature by SMS in the simple signature or the validation by SMS in the advanced signature. This article here explains more about the multiple identification steps.
  • Finally, you can choose the type of delivery you want to use (sequential or parallel, or batch). If you want all the signers to receive the documentation at the same time, choose parallel delivery, but if you want one to sign/validate after the other, choose the sequential mode. For more info read this.



2. Personalize your emails for your recipients

Customize the message you want your signers to receive.



3. If you need it, you will also have available the option to add someone in copy (CC)

Here, add the emails of those people you want to receive a copy of the signed document.



4. Reminders and expiration

Finally, you will have available the advanced options for configuring the signature, both advanced and simple, such as adding reminders or expiration date to the request. You can customize it to your needs. 



More updates: export more data from your requests



We know never is enough data, and that's why now you can export all your information from your requests in seconds into CSV. Now we save in the export file the widgets’ information compiled by the signers and the phone number. 

Follow this article to know more.

We hope that these changes will make you return to the routine a little bit easier. 

📢 If you want to know more, write to us at soporte@signaturit.com or consult our help center.

This post is also available in Spanish and french