Product update - December 2018

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What’s new at Signaturit? In November, our team developed new features that will help you to speed up transaction times, reduce costs and make signers happier.

Below we mention the main improvements introduced this month and offer a more detailed description of each of them in our blog, where we also name other new features that are not yet ready but that you’ll be able to start enjoying at the beginning of 2019.

Don't stop reading this post if you want to know the details of these and other improvements we have introduced.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Product update


Sending by batches for simple signatures

We have added the ability to bulk send documents to be signed with Simple Signature through our Batch functionality.

Now you can send your document to thousands of recipients by uploading a contact list in .csv format and boom! Thousands of your contacts will receive a signed document with Simple Signature with just one click.

simple por lote


Increase in the capacity of requests to sign 

We have increased the size limit for sending from 10 MB to 15 MB in total per request.

Although there is no total size limit per request at this time, bear in mind the usual limitations in place by most email clients in case you send eDelivery via email with many larger attachments.


Load files with a greater number of pages 

We have strengthened our infrastructure and now you can send documents with up to 600 pages to be signed, which is a big step in the right direction.


Receive data field values in a .XML response 

API clients who wish to receive their responses in .XML format now find it easier to obtain their full custom values from the Data parameter in their API calls.


The widget date is updated by default in the documents to be signed 

We want to help signers more and more in their signature processes. Now the date on which the document is opened is shown by default, so signers don’t have to do anything with the date widget if it is not necessary.


Manage “Error in the email” problems yourself

This means that from now on, our users can resolve incidents due to an error in the e-mail directly from the Dashboard without having to ask for our help, recovering the ERROR status requests.


We have improved the “Reminders” feature

We have increased the opening rates and the effectiveness of our Reminder emails by changing their delivery time to 7 am CET, just before the peak times for signatures.


Dashboard available in German

Now our users and signers can experience Signaturit 100% in German. This can be configured in the account section of our Control Panel. Prima (means "Super cool" in German)

You can see the steps here

New features for the new signature APP (In BETA)

We are continuing to grow and improve our new signature application.

Documents can now be signed in the new signature application with text and date widgets, as well as with multiple document requests. Get in touch if you want to try it.



We are beginning to define our 100% Qualified Signature flows in the cloud.
We are also still working on the new versions of our audit trails, the new hash biometric and CSV and we will add SMS validation to complement the simple signature through batch sending.

As you’ll see, Signaturit has incorporated many new features, but they surely won’t be the last and 2019 will be full of new ones.

If you have any questions regarding this or other updates to our electronic signature solution, email/SMS certificate or electronic identification, you can visit our Help Center. If you want to suggest new improvements, please send us an email at

This post is also available in Spanish.

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