Product Update - February 2018

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In recent months we have been working on a new design for Signaturit's platform. The changes do not affect the underlying processes. What we have changed is the organization and design of our dashboard’s main screen.

On the other hand, it's worth mentioning that this new organization has not been chosen at random. Instead, it's the result of a series of interviews with customers, who have helped us understand how our platform is perceived and used, and what is the best way to organize the information to make the most out of it. 

This new design will gradually be activated to all our customers, but in this post we want to briefly introduce the major changes. 

This post is also available in Spanish.



What are the major changes in Signaturit's latest product update?

The main changes introduced to Signaturit's dashboard are related to the design of the inbox. In your inbox you can find all your signature requests as well as all the certificate emails you have sent. 

On the other hand, we have also redesigned the main menu.

And last but not least, with this latest product update our platform is also 100% responsive. That is, you can now manage your signing processes and your certified communications from any mobile device, anywhere and at anytime.

We'll begin by explaining the changes in the main menu, and then we will explain how the inbox has improved. 



1. New location and organization of the main menu

In this latest product update we have located the main menu in a column to the left of the screen. Thus we have improved the organization of the different sections and facilitated the access to each of them.


In this new dashboard you'll find all the sections together, in the same window: Inbox, Certified files, Templates, Team, and Contacts. And a last section for Developers.

2. The inbox has new sections

The inbox has now three sections that facilitate the monitoring and management of your requests, whether they're signature requests or certified emails.

These three sections are used to classify requests depending on their status:

  • “In progress”: the "In progress" section allows you to view all ongoing requests.
  • “Completed”: this section displays documents already signed and certified emails that meet the “completed” criteria defined by the sender.
  • “All documents”: If you access the section "All documents" you can see all of your requests, regardless of the status.


You will see that, after the three new sections, there is a new feature called "Archived Documents”, which will be explained below.


1. New organization of the Documents section

In the "Documents" section, in addition to being able to view your documents by status (In Progress, Completed and All Documents), you can also filter your list of documents by type:

Signaturit_New_organization_Documents_section .png

2. New feature: Archived documents

This new feature is the one that corresponds to the "Archived documents" we mentioned a few lines above.

The possibility to archive documents is one of the most outstanding newly released features in this latest version of Signaturit.

With this option you can archive documents to remove clutter, so that your list of documents includes only those that matter to you now, whether they are signature requests or certified emails.


When you archive a document, it will move to the section "Archived documents" and will no longer appear on the main records' screen. In any case you need, you can restore an archived document whenever you want.

3. New Product: Certified files

When certifying a file or document, you're ensuring that the information in that document has not been altered or modified after it was certified.

When we certify a document, we assign a unique identifier to the document and we include a timestamp

If the information in the document is altered later, the identifier of the altered document doesn’t coincide with the identifier of the original document, rendering the document invalid.



A typical use case for this service: Audit companies certify audits because they need to be able to guarantee the integrity of the audited information at a given point in time.


4. Alerts for certified files

The alerts feature applies to certified files.

If, for example, you have signed a lease (or any type of contract) and you need to remember to renew it in 3 years, you can certify that contract and add an alert to remind you of that deadline as the end of the contract approaches.

Thus, you remember to renew the contract before it expires. And when you certify a contract, you are also ensuring that no one can modify its original version after it was signed.


5. Batch requests grouped

When you send a document to multiple signers, and each signer must sign their own personal version of the document, that's what we call a “batch” request.

With this latest product update, all the information from the same batch request will be grouped in one place. This way you can more easily view and manage all the requests you've sent in that batch.


Although all requests sent in one batch are displayed in one place, you can track the status individually for each signature request. 

At the same time, a number of actions you can take for one or all signature requests of that batch are available: send a reminder, download the audit trail or cancel the request.


6. Improvements in the signature requests

Another innovation we have implemented in this latest product update has to do with the signature requests.

We have improved the visual flow of the main actions you can do with signature requests (depending on the request’s status), which are:

  • send a reminder
  • download the audit trail
  • cancel
  • archive

Furthermore, you can now add more people in CC once the signing process has started, you can correct the email of a signer before he signs (so you don't need to cancel the request), and, for sequential requests, you can change the order of the signers that have yet to sign.



All these new features will be activated gradually for our existing clients, with the option of going back to the old version during a period of three weeks.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, this new dashboard is also 100% responsive. That is, it is perfectly accessible and usable from any mobile device. 

We are confident that all of these improvements will serve to streamline and help you more easily control your signing processes and your certified communications.

In the coming months we will keep improving Signaturit, continually adapting our solutions to match your needs. We will keep you informed!

This post is also available in Spanish

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