Product update - January 2019

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In Signaturit we started 2019 with improvements so that both you and your signers enjoy more of our services. We can not stop creating.

If you want to know all the details of this update do not stop reading this post.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Product update


1. New “Open Email” event to complete your processes in certified emails  

Don’t want to attach files to your certified email? You only want to complete the process when the recipient opens their email and accesses its content?

Your wish is our command. These options are now a possibility.

Now you can select “Open Email” as an event to close your certified emails from this service’s section on your Dashboard and API.

2. Improved security and legality in the new SVC

The Secure Verification Code (SVC) guarantees the integrity of documents and you can now include it on the back of your documents to be signed.


Our new SVC includes:

1. The exclusive ID of your Electronic Signature request for Advanced Electronic Signature and Simple Electronic Signature requests.

2. The exact date and time (in UTC) of when the document was signed.

3. The QTSP (Qualified Trust Service Provider) logo through us, Signaturit, as a qualified provider of trust services. This guarantees the security, legality and authenticity of all information and signatures provided in any request.

This improvement will strengthen the bond between our signed documents and their respective audit trails, which will also show the corresponding SVC of each signature request. Our signed documents are thus reinforced in terms of trust and security.

Check it out!

Activate the new SVC in the “Branding” section of your Dashboard or through the API, and insert this code in your documents.


3. New improvements in the Signature App

We have been busy working on our new signature application. Here’s what’s new:

1. Capacity for documents with hundreds of pages.

2. It already has almost all available Widgets. We are working hard on the last two: text area and attach image.

Navigation and interaction for ID validation in our new signature application will be available soon.

Contact if you’d like to try it out.

4. Scroll for requests with multiple documents and signers.  

We have solved a problem that prevented signers from being able to scroll correctly in applications with multiple documents and signers. Now it’s all good!


5. Download Audit Trails from certified emails

We noticed that the Audit Trails in certified emails couldn’t be downloaded, so we got to work on this process and have improved it.

Now this option is available and you can seamlessly download these Audit Trails.

Coming soon...

The Dashboard in French (C’est super ça!). In addition, the new Biometric Hash will be available very soon, while we also continue working on our Qualified Electronic Signature solution.


If you have any questions regarding this or other updates to our electronic signature solution, email/SMS certificate or electronic identification, you can visit our Help Center. If you want to suggest new improvements, please send us an email at

This post is also available in Spanish.

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