Product Update - January to March 2017

Posted by media on March 30, 2017 at 3:00 PM

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We are arriving to the end of the first trimester of 2017 and we want to present our latest product update, which includes the news of what we have done during January to March.

Among those, we would like to highlight to renewal of the Team and Configuration section. Additionally, both the management panel and our web app to sign are now available in French

In this post we have published today, you have all the details of the first product update in 2017. We encourage you to read it so you don't miss out on all the improvements we continuously add to our tool.

This post is also available in Spanish.


New language for the dashboard and the signature app: French

With this first update in 2017, one of our most interesting latest news is that we have launched our dashboard and web signature application in French.

  • To change the language of your dashboard you have to go to the Settings section  → My Account → Control panel language.
  • To change the language of the web signature application, you have to go to the Settings section → Branding → Application language. This new feature is perfect if you have customers in the French market, as they will be able to enjoy the signature experience in their own language.

Visit our Help Center to see in detail how to change the languages in Signaturit.  

Send emails and certified SMS with password protected PDFs

As you know, with Signaturit you can send certified emails or certified SMS. From now on, if a PDF document is attached to a certified email or certified SMS, this document can be protected with a password, which adds an extra layer of security to minimize the risk of phishing.   

This means that, in order for your customers to open a PDF attached to a certified email or a certified SMS, they will need a password that you have to provide to them, so that this document can only be opened by the recipient of your certified email or SMS.

Our interface is designed to easily guide the user at the moment of introducing the password in order to easily access the attached document that you sent to him/her.

EN_PDF Protect.png 

Team section update

The Team section, which appears in the top navigation bar of your dashboard, has also been updated in this first trimester in 2017. We have designed it to be easier to use, and we have added more complete and simple statistics, which facilitates its understanding. Additionally, it's now possible to reactivate a previously deactivated user.

To get more details about managing teams in Signaturit, click



Settings section update

The organization and visual style of the Settings section has been completely redesigned so that all information of your account is much easier to find. In short, our objective was to simplify the way in which you can configure your dashboard in Signaturit.

With the new update, the Settings section is structured in 6 sub-sections: My Account, Contacts, Security, Branding, Billing and Integrations. If you would like to have more information about this, you can visit our Help Center.

The following image shows the new design in the sub-section My Account:

EN_My Account.png

Password policy

Another of the main changes introduced in the first trimester of this year is the possibility that an account administrator can establish a password policy for the users in their work team. Meaning, how each team member should configure the password to enter his/her Signaturit account?

The options that can be configured are:  

  • Minimum number of characters that the password must have.
  • Requiring or not at least one lowercase or uppercase letter.
  • Requiring or not to have at least one number or alphanumeric character.
  • Putting an expiration date on the password.



If you have any questions regarding this or other updates in our electronic signature solution or certified email, or if you would like to suggest some new improvements, please send an email to us at

This post is also available in Spanish.

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