Product Update - July 2015

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Greater customization and improvements in the template editor

This post details the major changes introduced in our latest update. These changes are aimed at improving the usability of templates and speeding up the process of sending documents to sign. Among all the amendments, first we would like to highlight the possibility of including new fields to be completed by the signer, which makes creating templates more flexible. And second, the option to change the [reminder email] timing as well as the [expiration date for signing] timing, meaning the platform is more adaptable to your needs.

This post is also available in Spanish.



Possibility to create and save custom fields.


Except for the signature field, this new update allows you to customize all fields and create new ones. To create a new field you must use the "Editable field" button and drag it into the document. Once this is done, press over the button and the following window appears (left).

If you click "Save field", it will be saved in your list of available fields, so you can use it again whenever you need it. Example: create a new field called "VAT ID”, define it as a required field and save it. Thus, it appears in your list of fields. When you have to use it in a new document, you just need to drag and drop it, and it will appear as you saved it.

Possibility to change the signer of a new field.

In relation to the previous point, when you create a new field now you can assign a signer to it. So when you have created several signers, you can assign the field to the signer you need without having to create a new one.

Example: You have created a field called "VAT ID" in the area of the first signer, but you realize that this field must actually be completed by the third signer. Once you have created the third signer, you can select it from the pop-up.


Possibility to rename and reorder the signers’ tabs.

When you are editing a document to submit to sign, by default a single signer is displayed. But you can add new signers, and they will be placed in successive tabs. Each new tab corresponds to a new signer, and is automatically named: "Signer 1", "Signer 2", "Signer 3", etc. From now on, when editing a document, the tabs may be re-ordered (just by drag and drop) and generic names will be editable. And if you rename a tab with an email address, the system will automatically include that email address in the sending page information:


  1. Upload a new document or use a template with 3 signers.

    Captura de pantalla 2015-07-28 a la(s) 19.32.27.png

  2. Change the name of Signer 1 with an email address (

    Captura de pantalla 2015-07-28 a la(s) 19.33.15.png

  3. Realign this field to the 3rd position (which means this person will sign the document after the two other signers have done it).

    Captura de pantalla 2015-07-28 a la(s) 19.34.07.png

  4. When you press the "Send Document" button, the next screen (the “add recipients” page) will appear with the completed email:



Update data in real time

Real_TimeAnother improvement in our latest update is that all information in the inbox is updated automatically whenever any change occurs, without having to click the refresh button of your browser.

Audit trails always downloadable


From now on, there is no need to wait for the signing process to be completed in order to download the audit trail. You can do it anytime. Depending on when you download it, it will include more or less data. For example, if you send a document to sign and want to prove that you have sent it, you can download the audit trail directly after sending, although maybe the recipient won’t have received the document yet.



Customizing reminders

Additional news includes that when sending a document to sign, you can customize when you want to send the reminder email for that specific email, as well as the expiration email. The reminder email is sent to remind the recipient that he/she must sign a document; the expiration email is sent to inform the signer that the deadline for signing has expired. You can change the frequency of these emails in your Settings.

We are sure that these improvements will help you to increase your productivity. The feedback of our customers is much appreciated, because without your experience using Signaturit we couldn’t further improve our solution.

Late August we will inform you about the next update. If you have any comments or new suggestions for improvements, please leave comment on the blog or send us an email at

This post is also available in Spanish.


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