Product Update - June 2015

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Improved sending options

Signaturit’s last product update is ready. Our development team has been working hard until late June for making our product even more secure, flexible and easy to use. In this post we relate the last changes that will enhance your user experience with Signaturit. This is what we have improved. 

This post is also available in Spanish

1. Fields in templates are optional (except for the signature field).

Although all fields you can use when creating a template are still mandatory by default, in our latest update we have added the option to disable this obligatory nature. If disabled, who sends the document can determine which fields are optional.

2. Improved loading speed of your documents.

Another improvement that we have introduced in our last update is the progressive upload of large documents. In the case that the signer has to sign a document of 100 pages or more, the document will be uploaded gradually, page by page, instead of loading the entire document at once. This shortens the waiting time and makes the signing process much faster and smoother than before.

3. The signer can attach a file during the signing process.

Now the signer can attach a file (in any format) during the signing process. From the sender, the process is very simple, whether he/she sends the signature request from the dashboard or  from its usual email provider (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.):

  • From the dashboard: the sender must click on the icon "Require a file attachment" from the “Send a document” screen.

  • From the email provider: the sender must include the hashtag #file in the subject of the email.

4. Integrity of all certificates, no matter when the last signature occurs.

One of the major improvements in our last update was aimed at strengthening the legality of the service, allowing to preserve the integrity of the certificates and time-stamps in all cases. In this sense, you can now keep certificates and time-stamps of digitally made signatures, without the last signature (made on a later signing process) being capable to override them.

We hope that all these improvements simplify and speed up your daily activity in the office and help you reduce the paper consumption of your company.

In this post we would also like to thank all our customers who have given us feedback on their experience using Signaturit. All these improvements would not have been possible without your valuable information!

We keep working hard to go further and offer you all the best possible user experience ever, and we are already working on a new update that will be finished in late July. If you have any comments or new suggestions for improvement, please do not hesitate to share them with us through the blog comments, or by sending us an email to

This post is also available in Spanish

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