Product Update - March 2014

Posted by media on March 30, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Today we are announcing a new version of Signaturit’s electronic signature solution, the easiest way to get documents signed.

In our last product update we focused on improving the user’s experience, while adding geolocation and document acceptance features to the audit trail. Now we have added more security and legal evidences.

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The capture of biometric data provides more evidences for the audit trail 

In this version, we have incorporated the capture of biometric data of real handwritten signatures, with a complex algorithm developed by our technical team. Now we can capture information like the signing speed and acceleration, and the pressure made by the signer. All of this information is encrypted with Signaturit’s private key and embedded into the signed document.

With these new features, along with the official timestamp provided, we are in full compliance with the advanced electronic signature requirements of the European Union’s Directive EC/1999/93, reinforcing the authentication of the parties involved in the transaction.

"This is a major step forward to guarantee the identity of the signer and to achieve our goal of providing the most secure framework for electronic transactions while keeping the process as simple as possible" - Javier Martínez.

On the other hand, our electronic signature solution is ready to allow the businesses to securely store the documentation and audit trails into their own Amazon servers, if they prefer to do so. Last but not least, we have added a customizable system of notifications to improve the traceability of the signature process.

We want to be completely transparent and provide a maximum integration for any kind of company in the whole process, from sender’s signature request to the documentation storage once the document is digitally signed.

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This post is also available in Spanish.

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