Product update - March 2019

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The year is passing by and we are continuing to add updates to our product to facilitate its use and so that you are increasingly satisfied with it.

If you want to know all the details on this update then keep reading.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Product update

Product update


1. The qualified MVP signature is here

We have finalized our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for our qualified signature trust service, which means that we have developed enough features to satisfy our initial clients and therefore get feedback in order to make it better.

As of today, we can send a document to be signed with a qualified signature certificate developed internally by Signaturit.

Another type of signature to add to our arsenal. Get in touch to know more!

2. Better performance for the certified email section on our dashboard

We have increased the performance of our dashboard’s certified email inbox.

You can now access your certified emails more easily and quickly.

3. The configuration of the widget is in a better location

We have improved the positioning of our widgets’ configuration box, in the document editing stage of our dashboard, to make it easier to open, detect and interact.

4. We have improved 2-step verification to offer greater security to your account

You can improve your account security by enabling 2-step verification. Now it's much easier to interact!

You can enable 2-step verification in the "Security" tab, within your account preferences.


improved 2-step verification to offer greater security to your account


5. Improved flexibility to see your requests

We have added a much-needed paging element to our Simple Signature and Advanced Signature inbox so you can select the number of requests you want to see on each page.

You can choose between 25, 50 or 100 requests to easily filter through your requests.

Oh! and we've increased the default limit from 10 requests to 25 so you don’t have to click so many times to find what you need.

6. API: the signature_id is available to be sent in the Events body

Greater context and flexibility for our API users, as they can now obtain the signature_id and also in the Events body for both Simple and Advanced Signatures.

This will allow you to configure more complex flows without having to store this ID in advance.

We will activate this new functionality on demand for clients who request it within the next 90-day period.

On 3 June we will launch the final switch and this will be the default and expected behaviour for all accounts.

That means that you will have 3 months to adapt your API integration to these changes, which is more than enough time as this change should be 100% transparent for any integration.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help.

Here is an example of an updated structure with the signature_id:

     "name":"Testing events",


Coming soon...

We are still working on:

  • The qualified signature flows to achieve greater capacity and ease of use.

  • ID validation workflows with signatures to configure custom workflows available only for our new signature environment (contact us to try it out).

And many more improvements coming your way very soon! Keep up to date.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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