Product Update - March and April 2016

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We are moving full steam ahead with the improvement of our product, adding features that further extend the range of possibilities offered, subsequently allowing us to better reach our customer’s needs and expectations for the signing of documents. In this post, we explore our latest developmental phase and elaborate on the following improvements:

  • Ability to send password protected documents.
  • Simplified status updates.
  • Reorganization of Settings panel.
  • New dashboard for developers.
To find out about each of these new features in greater detail, keep reading this post!

This post is also available in Spanish.

Latest Product Update: March and April 2016

The new features have been grouped into two categories: dashboard-related and API-related.


1.1. Ability to send password protected documents

Our electronic signature solution now supports password-protected documents. If a user wishes to send a password-protected PDF from the dashboard to be signed, our system will firstly request the password in order to process the document. Once the password has been provided and the document uploaded, it may be then be sent for signing. The signer will also be asked the password in order to access the document.

This feature is perfect for users who work with information of a sensitive nature that requires password protection. Using Signaturit to sign documents with that extra level of security poses no problem. Plus, an additional layer of protection is added to the delivery process through the signer needing to know the password to open and sign the document.


1.2. Simplified status updates

When sending a document to sign, the sender can track the document’s status from the dashboard. To make this process easier, we have simplified the names of the status updates with the following:

  • Ready to sign: displayed when the signer has received the document, opened the email and started the signing process.
  • Completed: appears on the dashboard as soon as the signer has signed the document.
  • Cancelled: appears if a document has been sent in error or to the wrong person. The request can be cancelled by simply clicking on the drop-down arrow in Actions. In doing so, the document status in the panel will instantly read as "Cancelled."
  • Expired: if a document is not signed in the allocated time period, the document "expires" and the status of the document changes accordingly. Any deadline can be set up in Settings and can be indefinite or limited to a certain number of days.
  • Error: when this status occurs, it is most likely that the email address to which the document has been sent is incorrect or does not exist.

1.3. Reorganization of Settings panel  

The Settings screen has been reorganized and separated into two sections to facilitate user management. In Settings you can now see whether or not reminders are scheduled, the expiry date of any documents is defined (an optional function should you useto set a deadline for documents to be signed) and any notifications that fire when a customer opens an email are established. 


In the Branding section, you can add your company’s logo for it to be automatically included in any emails sent, as well as customize the language of each client’s email (3 languages are currently available: Spanish, English and Dutch). You can also include a questionnaire for the signer to fill in at the end of the signing process, as well as an option to register with Signaturit.


2. API

2.1. New dashboard for developers

We have created a dashboard for developers to facilitate our solution to be integrated with other platforms via API. All API calls are listed and accessible on the main screen, allowing any problems that occur in the communication between a platform and the API to be identified quickly and easily.


We hope that all the latest updates to our solution will prove useful for your company. If you have any questions or any other ideas for improvement, please send an email to

This post is also available in Spanish.

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