Product update - May 2019

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We're really focused on continuously improving our services and the months are just flying by. We're already halfway through May and we have so many new things to tell you about!

One highlight includes our new signature environment. Now we can specifically tell you how your signatories will be able to enjoy a more agile and efficient experience. Excited? We sure are :)

If you want to know more about what it consists of and the other improvements we've introduced, don't stop reading this post.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Product update

1. More features for users in the trial period

Up until today, when someone was interested in Signaturit's services, they could register in 30 seconds and enjoy our Business plan.

Well, from now on, these users in the free trial period will have access to even more features.


All new trial users can enjoy our Business Plus license so that they can try out all of our features:

- Electronic Signature (Simple and Advanced)

- eDelivery (certified email)

- Batch Requests

- SMS Validation

- Certified Files (coming soon)

This way, those who are interested in Signaturit can make their purchase decision in a more informed way since they will know exactly which products best suit their needs.

And when a potential client verifies just how comfortable it is to use, for example, our eDelivery service (legal notification procedure, substitute for the Spanish "burofax", introduced by European Regulation (EU No. 910), they'll never want to go back.


2. Administrators have full visibility of all other group members

The account administrators temporarily didn't have access to view the inbox of all other group members.  

This has now been solved! Now, administrators have regained full visibility of their account and can thus continue to manage their groups even better.

More information: How do groups work?


3. New project to improve our reminders

Our reminders are a key feature for you when your signatories are slow to complete a signature request.

We are aware of this and have started a project to make them more complex and to add more flexibility so that you can configure more complex flows.

This endeavour will require a little bit of time so we will make sure to keep you informed in the future.


4. Add more image widgets to documents

You can use the image widget to ask the signatory to insert an image into the document. With this widget, the inserted image will appear in the final document.

It can often be very useful to, for example, attach the photos of someone's identity card to the document, upload the image of a business seal or insert a passport-size photo into the document.

Well, from now on, you can add more image widgets to your requests and a base64 encoded image size.

It just keeps getting better and better...oh yeah!

Read more about the current limits in our Limits in Signaturit article from our Help Centre.

More information: How to request and send images as part of the signature process with Signaturit

5. New signing environment coming soon for everyone

We've been working on this project for many months and we're really excited about it. Our new signature environment will actually offer a better context and a faster and more efficient signing experience for the signatories. How?

1.- A bar at the top will show the progress of the signature request and will move according to the number of widgets already completed and those that are left.

1 product mayo


2.- The signatory will always know how many widgets they still have to complete and which one they are filling in at any given time.

2 product mayo


3.- A QR code solution will allow you to seamlessly switch from your computer to your mobile device so that you can sign with your finger and then effortlessly resume the signature process from your computer.

3 product mayo


4.- Thanks to these improvements, the signatory will be able to clearly see when they have filled in the widget and when the signature process has been completed.

4 product mayo


This new environment will be available to all signatories during the month of June.

Get in contact with us if you're anxious to start using it earlier:


And more…

New and disruptive ways of signing documents that will allow users to quickly review hundreds of documents at once.

We'll keep you in the loop!

This post is also available in Spanish.

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