Product Update - May and June 2016

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In May and June, our team have continued to enhance Signaturit’s dashboard by introducing new features and improving existing ones to further streamline the process of sending signature requests from our platform and the subsequent processing of the signed documents.

If you wish to know the latest news and get the most out of Signaturit, simply keep reading this post!

This post is also available in Spanish.

Last Signaturit's Product Update: May and June 2016

Thanks to dashboard’s latest features (such as the "Team" section  or the new "Contacts" tab) Signaturit is becoming an increasingly complete, easy and convenient tool to use, whether managed by one person or several co-workers. All the latest additions are brought to you without sacrificing any of our security standards and respect for the privacy of all data flowing through our platform.

Our main goal is for our customers to have a tool that facilitates their work by rendering all signature-related tasks and document management as quick, easy and efficient as possible.

May and June’s developments and improvements are listed in this product update, and have been organized into 3 areas:

1. New "Team" section.
2. New "Contacts" tab.
3. Reorganization of "Settings" and the new "Connections" tab.

1. New "Team" section

To facilitate teamwork using Signaturit, we've added a new “Team” section that can be found in the navigation bar next to "Templates." This new option is easily accessible from the dashboard.

The "Team" section has been created with the intention of facilitating teamwork in companies where more than one person is responsible for sending and managing documents requiring signatures, as could be the case in an admin, human resources or sales department where there would be an obvious need to centralize contract management on a single platform.


In "Team," a designated admin can invite other colleagues to join the virtual team. The admin can also assign roles to each new team member (there are 2 possible roles: member or admin), create different working groups and track the activity of all members in the "Statistics" tab that we’ll discuss in more detail below.

This new section allows an administrator to easily control the status of any given document sent to be signed via Signaturit, as well as command the status of documents sent by any team member. The overall information is collated in the "General Statistics” panel while information on each team member is collected in "Member Statistics" panel.


In both panels, only the administrator is able to view the following information:

  • Percentage of documents ready to sign: documents sent to the recipient that are yet to be signed.
  • Percentage of completed documents: documents that have already been signed by the recipient.
  • Percentage of errors: documents that have not reached the recipient. This happens principally because an email address is incorrect or no longer exists.
  • Percentage of expired documents are those which had a fixed time limit that has now already passed. These documents have expired and cannot be signed.
  • Percentage of canceled documents: includes documents whose submission has been canceled. The two main reasons why a team member would cancel sending a document to be signed are (i) the wrong document was sent or (ii) the correct document was sent to the wrong person.

2. New "Contacts” tab

Another new feature is the "Contacts" tab that functions as an address book within our platform, in which the email addresses of people to whom documents or contracts requiring signatures are sent via Signaturit are automatically saved.

Within this new feature we have included the option to import your address book from any email provider, such as Gmail, Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook, or even the vCard format used by Apple Mail, allowing users to import their agenda to Signaturit easily, quickly and safely.

This new address book helps speeding up the process of sending documents to sign, since every time you begin to type the name of a person you want to send a document to sign to, a drop-down box will instantly provide options to make it easier for you to select the correct contact more quickly.


To access "Contacts," simply click the arrow next to your icon on Signaturit’s dashboard, click on "Settings" and then on "Contacts". From here, you can import your address book from any of the email providers mentioned as well as add new contacts manually.


3. Reorganization of “Settings” and new “Connections” tab

3.1 Reorganization of Settings

Since the number of Signaturit settings is increasing, we decided to streamline the "Settings" section to make it easier to navigate and meet the specific needs of each client.

To access "Settings", click on the arrow next to the icon on Signaturit’s dashboard.


As shown in the image, the latest update has redistributed the "Settings" section into 4 different tabs: "Account", "Contacts", "Integrations" and "Settings."

  • In "Account" you will find your billing information.
  • The "Contacts" tab is new, as discussed above in Section 2 of this post.
  • The "Integrations" tab includes the "API" tab, where clients can find the access token they need to integrate Signaturit into their system; and the "Connections" tab, which will be discussed in Section 3.2 of this post.
  • The "Settings" tab include:
    • "Profile": from here you can change your account details i.e. change the language of your dashboard or modify the mobile phone number associated with your account.
    • "Branding": this resource allows clients to change the language in which emails are sent from Signaturit as well as include the company logo in their messages. (Only available for Business Accounts).
    • "Notifications": you can set reminders, alerts and/or set a time limit for complete a signature requests, so that once the deadline passes, the document “expires” and can no longer be signed.

3.2. New “Connections” tab

As noted in Section 3.1, "Connections" is a new feature, and is located within the "Integrations" tab, which in turn is located within the "Settings" section.


In this tab you have an overview of the several tools can be easily combined with Signaturit to further speed your work procedures. If for example you use Google Drive, you can easily connect your Signaturit account to your Drive account, allowing document templates already stored in your Drive folder to be instantly accessed from Signaturit’s dashboard without there being any need to import them every time you have to use one of those templates.

This can also be achieved if you work with Dropbox or Box: by connecting them with Signaturit you can quickly access all documents that you save in each of those applications without needing to constantly “jump” from one application to the next.

Signaturit can also be integrated with Google Docs. If you happen to be drawing up a document or contract in Docs, you can send it to sign directly from there rather than having to go through Signaturit’s platform. To set this up, all that you need to do is install Google Docs on your device, and now you can do this directly from Signaturit’s platform: go to Settings → Integration → Connections → and click on the Google Docs icon to install it on your Docs. In this post you will find all the information related to Signaturit’s integration with Google Docs.

We are confident that these new features will help you, your team and your company to be more efficient, both in requesting signatures for documents and in the management of the said documents once the signature is done. If you have any comments or queries about these new features or any other suggestions for improvement, please send an email to

This post is also available in Spanish.

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