Product update - November 2018

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As we want you to be able to get the most out of all the advantages that we offer you, we kicked off the month by announcing our latest product update.

Our team never stop presenting new features with highlights such as being able to insert URLs into your documents, download your original files before and during the signature process or receiving alerts that will remind you of how many credits you have left to use.

In addition, our next signature APP is in BETA testing for all any users who wish to try it out.

Don't stop reading this post if you want to know the details of these and other improvements we have introduced.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Product update


Insert URLs into your documents

Do you want to include an external link with your privacy policy, legal notice or website? Now you can include as many links as you need directly into your document.

All you need to do is drag the “editable field” Widget and drop it where you want the URL to appear. Then you have 2 possibilities with which to show the URL:

1. Complete URL as it is.

You can show the full URL by simply pasting a URL such as “” both in the Name field and in the Default Value field of the widget.

2. Or you can customize the URL name.

You can easily add any name to the widget's Name field, let's say Signaturit for example and then add the full URL to which you want the signer to go to the Default Value field.

URL widget


Url widget_ app firma (1)-1


Download original document before starting the signature process as well as during the signature process.

Our users are part of this project and when they suggest improvements to we take them on board. As a result, these two new functionalities that we’ll explain below came about due to popular request.

Now customers can

1. Download the original file that was uploaded to Signaturit.

This increases trust in our system, as users can rely on us for the basic file management tasks.

2. Download the document during a signature process. 

Sometimes there are several signers who have to complete the flow but the paper document is needed before all the signatures have been completed. With this option we provide more flexibility to our users who need the document in the event that they must, for example, prove to an institution that the document is in the process of being signed.


Alerts by email to report the status of the credits

All users will be provided with information by email on the status of their credits so they know that these are running out in advance.

With that foresighted goal, we will send 2 alerts by email when the credits of any functionality reach 80% and 90% of their use respectively.


The new Dashboard available for all accounts 

In February we announced that the new design would be rolled out gradually to all our customers throughout the year.

This new version of the dashboard is now available for all accounts in a 100% responsive way, in other words, perfectly accessible and usable from any mobile device.

More information: Dashboard´s overview 


Our new signature APP is in BETA testing

As you already know we are testing the first version of our electronic signature app which we have been working on since July. With this app we want to facilitate the signing of documents from desktop computers by offering an alternative system to the signature made with the mouse for the most demanding users when it comes to the appearance of their signature.

This is available for those who want to improve the interaction and signing of their documents. If you are interested in trying it out, please contact us at


But that's not all. Coming soon to your Dashboard...

New audit trails to add trust to the signature and eDelivery processes; Simple signature in batches; Greater capacity to manage files with more than 500 pages; New biometric hash and CSV to add more security and greater levels of trust to signed documents... We just can’t stop creating :)

If you have any questions regarding this or other updates to our electronic signature solution, email/SMS certificate or electronic identification, you can visit our Help Center. If you want to suggest new improvements, please send us an email at

This post is also available in Spanish.

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