Product Update - October 2014

Posted by media on October 16, 2014 at 8:16 PM

Renewed Dashboard and Document Templates Launch

In this product update we are proud to announce a major step forward in providing the fastest solution to get documents signed. The new templates feature that will allow you to send standard documents directly from your email account, without having to attach any document. 

Read in this post all the details.

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After the certification of our advanced electronic signature process this summer, we have been working to cover more use cases in an innovative way, with the use of templates directly from the email account in order to boost productivity.

Now you are able to create your own templates, set up the fields that need to be filled in by the signer and send them without having to attach the PDF document every time. Just remember to add “” at the end of the email address and the name of the template with the hashtag (#).

  1. Create a new email draft
  2. Add or to the end of the email address of the person you´d like to sign the document
  3. Add the name of any of your templates in the email title, adding a hashtag before → #template.  

Templates allow you to save time and effort, especially if you repeatedly send the same documents.

This is specially useful, for example, if you send the same type of contract every time and if the only details that changes are the ones specific to each signer: name, age, address, etc. These data can be filled by the same signer using the widgets. 

The sender does not need to upload a new PDF and does not need to place the widgets every time. 

Moreover, from the dashboard you’ll be able to customize the email’s layout with your company branding by uploading a logo in the settings section.

We are working to provide some team and administration capabilities to help the people responsible in the organization to manage the access and use of Signaturit’s solution.

If you need more information about our eSignature solution call us at (+34) 935 511 480.

If you have any technical questions or questions regarding the use of the Signaturit web platform, you can contact us at We will be happy to help you.

You can also get more information and read more articles to know all the possibilities we offer in Signaturit in our Help Center.

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This post is also available in Spanish

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