Product Update - September and October 2016

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September and October have been very productive months in Signaturit. We've added new features that help to further improve our digital signature tool, both for those of you who use it from the dashboard and for those who have integrated it into your CRM or ERP vía API. Among our most recent advancements, we would like to highlight the improved dashboard performance for developers, the possibility of creating templates to expedite the delivery of certified emails, and the brand-new procedure to open large audit trails (> 10MB).

Keep reading to find out all about Signaturit’s newest features!

This post is also available in Spanish.

What's new in Signaturit?
Product Update - September and October 2016

As Signaturit is becoming a tool commonly used in many companies, with each product update not only do we aim to improve existing functionality, but we introduce new ones to ensure our digital signature tool increasingly meets all the needs of our customers and end users.

To explain all the newest features and improvements in detail, we have divided them into 3 sections:

  1. Improved dashboard.
  2. Improved API.
  3. New integration of Signaturit with Zapier for Sandbox.

All this is described below.

1. Improved dashboard

New editable field to include in your documents or templates: Textarea

In your documents’ editor you will see that we have included a new optional field (or widget) called "Textarea" that serves to write multiple lines of text in your document.

For example: if in the document sent to sign the signer must include suggestions or comments, you can add this field when you prepare the document. Thus, the signer will have a free text space without a character limit in which to express his/her opinion. As in other fields, you can include a default value to guide the signer and tell him/her what to write in a certain section of the document.


Templates for creating your certified emails

With the new product update, it is much easier and convenient to send certified emails, because now you can create templates to send them comfortably from your dashboard.

Recommended procedure: plan and prepare the email content and the attachments you need to send and certify. You can store both the email subject as the internal content, and attach as many documents as is needed. You can also define the purpose of the certified email, i.e. if you want to certify just the act of sending of the email or also its opening and/or confirmation of delivery.

Signaturit's certified email template.png

Automatic debugging of all corrupted documents

Documents in PDF format are sometimes corrupt: at first glance seem correct, but actually do not follow the standard PDF. So when some of our customers were trying to send to sign corrupted documents in PDF format, our platform was blocking them by not recognizing them as valid. (For example, when trying to stamp a signature or add a certificate).

This problem is entirely solved, since we have developed an algorithm that repairs all corrupted PDF documents that are sent through our platform. With this change, we have managed to reduce to zero the cases of corrupt PDF documents.

Shipments of large attachments

As you know, once a document is signed, the sender receives an email with two attachments: (i) a copy of the signed document with the biometric data of the signer embedded and (ii) the audit trail document, which includes all electronic evidence generated during the signing process.

In some cases, the audit trail was so large that could not be sent by email. So we changed this procedure and, from now on, any audit trail greater than 10MB will be converted into a link in the confirmation email that will take the sender directly to his/her dashboard, so that from there the audit trail can be easily and quickly downloaded.


2. Improved API

Improved Dashboard for Developers

The increase in demand for API calls has led to a considerable rise in the number of sign-ins in the dashboard for developers. For this reason, our system has become overloaded, causing an increase in our response time and less efficiency all around.

To drastically improve performance and to provide a faster response for users, we migrated the developer’s dashboard data to Elasticsearch, a server that is optimized for finding and retrieving information.

Signatures / Certified Emails / Certified SMS (batch delivery)

A batch shipment via API can now be easily optimized by attaching or uploading a file in XLS or CSV formats. This feature significantly improves the time it takes to send the same document to many people.

For more information, please read:

Ability to restrict certain API calls to certain domains or IP addresses

For added security when making API integrations, we have added the ability to restrict calls to certain domains or IP addresses.

In other words, if a domain name or IP address does not come from a specific set of addresses, a "Forbidden" error will be put in place, blocking all access. This guarantees that you will only receive requests from sites that you have approved, eliminating the risk of receiving requests from unknown parties.

Signaturit API EN.png 

Using the API to manage Contacts

The API is now able to manage your Address Book (that you can find in Dashboard → Settings → Management Contacts). By doing an API request you will be able to:

  • Create new contacts.
  • Update contacts.
  • Delete contacts.
  • List contacts.

For more information, please read:

Using the API to manage Teams

With the latest product update, we have also included the possibility to directly manage your teams via the API. By doing an API request you will be able to:

  • List users.
  • Invite a user to the team.
  • Change user roles (admin / member).
  • Remove users.
  • Create groups.
  • Delete groups.
  • List groups.
  • Add group managers.
  • Add members to the group.

For more information, please read:

3. New integration of Zapier with Signaturit

Integration with Zapier for our API Sandbox environment

So far, the integration between Signaturit and Zapier was ready only for the production environment. However, in this latest product update we have extended the gamut of possibilities, allowing you to use your “zap" in our “test” environment (Sandbox). This allows you to carry out all the tests you need before scheduling work in your production environment.

"Zap" actions occurs automatically when activated by a "trigger." In our July and August product update, we explained how Zapier works with Signaturit.

Zapier integration with Signaturit.png 

This feature is only available for Enterprise accounts. To connect with Zapier, you need to use your Signaturit “token” that can be found in your Dashboard: click on your avatar → Settings → Integrations → API.

We hope these latest developments and improvements serve to improve your work processes and document management. As a reminder of our respect for legal compliance, Signaturit unequivocally respects the privacy of all data transmitted through our platform, meeting all Spanish and European laws on data protection.

If you have any queries or other suggestions for improvement, please send an email to

If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, please send an email to

This post is also available in Spanish.

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