Product Update - April to June 2017

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As the summer has just begun, now is the time to announce our latest product update. During the months of April to June we have been developing new features to make your daily job even easier, and to help you automate your processes to the maximum.

This time, the highlights are: two-step authentication to access your Signaturit account, parallel delivery and the option to share templates.

In this post you will find more details about this latest update.

This post is also available in Spanish.


Two-step authentication

Two-step authentication (or two-step verification) is a feature that we have added to offer an extra layer of security at the moment of accessing Signaturit’s platform.

If you activate two-step verification that means that, in order to access your Signaturit account, in addition to your email and password you must enter a security code provided by a two-step verification application. It is a single use code, that is renewed automatically every few seconds.

This feature can be activated for all Signaturit users that you have in your company or team.

More information: How to activate two-step verification to access your Signaturit account.


Parallel delivery

The new form of sending documents to sign, that we called parallel sending and that we have launched a few months ago in beta phase, is now fully operational.

With this way of sending documents to sign, you can send a document or contract to sign to several signers at the same time, and they will be able to  open the document at the same time.

While one of them is signing, the rest will be kept on hold and will receive a notification when that first signer is ready, so that they know they can access the document to sign.

Send an email to if you want to activate the option to send documents to sign in parallel.

More information: 3 ways to send documents to sign with Signaturit: which one is best for you?

Related information: Sequential Delivery and Batch Delivery.

Share templates

As you know, with Signaturit you can save templates in your account, to have them on hand whenever you need them.

With this new feature that we have introduced. you can share all of your templates with other team members, or with any group or groups created within your team.

More information: Share templates.

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If you have any questions regarding this or other updates in our electronic signature solution or certified email, or if you would like to suggest some new improvements, please send an email to us at

This post is also available in Spanish.


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