Product Update - November 2016

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Today we present our product update for November. And this time, we're not only sharing new features and improvements for our electronic signature solution (focused on the API), but we are also announcing a new product that will be fully operational in the coming days: certified files.

Read our post to find out exactly what certified files consist of and to stay updated on all the news from our API this month. It's sure to be interesting!

This post is also available in Spanish.

What's new in Signaturit this month?

Product Update November 2016

Our great news this month is that we have a new product ready: certified files! And regarding the API, today we want to explain a new feature: what we call the API Code Generator, and also share that now you can send reminders to sign documents through SMS.

We explain all this in detail below:


1. New product: certified files

In this November we launched a new product, which will be 100% functional in the following days: certified files.

This new product has its own dashboard, and it allows you to automatically certify the files that you upload to the platform. The maximum size of each file you can upload to certify is 2GB.

Certified File Signaturit.png To access the certified files dashboard, you only have to click on the left hand menu of your main screen to open the dropdown, and click on “Certified files”. Then you will immediately access this new dashboard, from where you can certify your files up to 2GB.

Certifying a document or file means that it will be certified by a series of electronic evidences, that are collected during this certification process, related to the sender. That means, related to who uploads to document to be certified.

The evidences are the following: 

  • Sender’s name and email.
  • File name. 
  • File size. 
  • File CRC. 
  • Private file identifier. 
  • Date and time of certification. 

It's possible to upload many files at a time to proceed with their certification, and for each one of those you will receive an audit trail directly in the email account that is associated with Signaturi

Example of audit trail:

Audit Trail Certified File Signaturit.png 

Additionally, you can also view and download all of the audit trails for the certified files from the corresponding dashboard, in the same way that you can visualize and download the audit trails for the electronic signatures from your dashboard dedicated to the electronic signatures.

This new product will only be available for Enterprise accounts. If you're interested and would like more information, please contact us:

Spanish: +34 935 511 480
English or Dutch: +31 20 80 86 203


2. API News

API  Code Generator

On the API documentation page we have created a new section where you can create a code to perform an interactive integration between our API and any CRM or ERP platform.

That means that the API Code Generator serves to quickly and easily generate a custom code for any of the calls that support our API. To do this for each API call, this feature will allow you to select one or several of the parameters that we offer, and to configure the code specifically to fit your company.

For example, in the case of a signature request, through the API Code Generator you can select any of the parameters we offer - body, callback_url, delivery_type, reminders, etc. - adding the possibility to include one or multiple signature request recipients, and to personalize the email text that the signers will receive along with the document to sign.

When you click on the “GENERATE” button, the code with the parameters and characteristics that you have selected will automatically be generated.

Preview of the API Code Generator for the case of the signature request: 


Sending signature requests reminders via SMS

Until now, you could only send signature requests reminders via email. Now after this November, you will also be able to send signature reminders via SMS. The updated documentation explaining this new feature will be available in the following days.

Both the new features of API code generation and signature reminders via SMS are already available. If you would like to start using them, please contact us:

Spanish: +34 935 511 480
English or Dutch: +31 20 80 86 203

We're sure that all these updates will be very helpful and will contribute to optimize your work processes that need signatures for any document or contract.

As you know, any suggestions to improve are always more than welcome. And if you have any questions regarding these or other product updates, please send us an email to

This post is also available in Spanish.

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