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Google Docs and Signaturit for sending documents to be signed


Google Docs lets you send documents to be signed directly from your Google account, only by installing our app.

Sales contracts, SEPA mandates, insurance policies, labour risk documents, etc can be signed quickly and intuitively with this flexible option that we present in the next post.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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Google Docs, the benefits of working online

The new on-line working tools form part of the new wave of digital transformation that most companies are experiencing to safeguard their future, since they are a factor that directly impacts organisational productivity and flexibility.

Small and large businesses have streamlined processes and are now more competitive, thanks to platforms that allow them to store in the cloud, or to work simultaneously on the same project from different places, for example.

Well, since Google Docs was launched in 2006 with its free tool, gone are the days when we might lose a USB device storing important information, which was a real drama.

The most popular on-line working tool allows you to create, edit, and share documents, spreadsheets, devices and forms with any person who has a Gmail account.


This is the reason why millions of people have begun to use it, because it offers more benefits than classic sending systems such as e-mail:

  1. Accessibility without the need to install software.
  1. Good organisation of documents with folders for easy access.
  1. Great security and storage capacity, as the user saves the information in an internet cloud system.
  1. Uploading of already created files and accepts most common file formats, including DOC, XLS, RTF, PDF, PPT
  1. On-line collaboration. Sharing the file with different users and being able to modify the file.
  1. Retains previous versions of documents, so there is no reason to worry about changing a file irrevocably.
  1. Working with no connection. One of the best features, without a doubt.

Online storage, sharing documents, simultaneously

working in a team and all free of charge

Sending documents to sign online directly from Google Docs

Signaturit allows you send and sign legally binding documents online, without having to install any application. Now with Signaturit for Google Docs you will be able to send documents to sign directly from your Google Docs account by just installing our brand new add-on. 


How to request a signature 

You only need to open the Google Docs document that you would like to sign, click on the “Add-ons” section at the top of your screen and look for Signaturit in the add-ons store.

Once installed, every time that you need to send a document to sign from Google Docs, you will find the add-on installed on this section.

To start the signature request, enter the name and email address of the signer(s) you want to get the signature from and click the “Send” button.


Automatically, an email to start the signing process will be sent to all the parties involved in the process, in the same order as you wrote their emails.

When you have completed the process with the signature, you will receive a copy of the signed document and an evidential document with electronic proof of the process.

We also offer 5 authentication systems, in addition to our electronic signature solution, that will allow you to ensure the identity of those who signed with a high degree of confidence.

Advanced sending options

If you want to use the more advanced features, go to your Signaturit control panel to initiate the signing process from there.

From your control panel you can also check the status of your signature request, if the signatories have opened the email, whether the document has been opened and whether they have signed it. And you can send reminders by e-mail to those who are behind in signing the document.


Why choose Signaturit as an electronic signature provider?

Our electronic signature solution, in addition to being advanced, collects biometric data of the signer. This data, together with a series of electronic evidences generated during the signature process, allows us to prove the signer´s identity with a greater degree of guarantees.


Our solution incorporates biometric technology, which allows us to capture biometric data of the signer´s graph, such as the speed or acceleration with which the signature is made.

Electronic evidence

We collect electronic evidences generated during the signature process in the audit trail. And we guarantee its integrity with an official time stamp.


We have implemented firewall access and encrypted communications. That means that we encrypt and store data securely, limiting reading and signing documents to the designated users.

Data protection

In compliance with the Spanish and European law, during the signature process we expressly request the signer´s consent to capture his/her data, including personal and biometric data.

More information: The legal validity of a contract signed electronically with the advanced electronic signature.



Finally we inform you that you can send documents to sign from Google Docs always under the credit limits that you have contracted with Signaturit. Remember that in your control panel you can always consult the status of your account and get more credits if necessary.

If you aren´t yet a customer, try our Business account free of charge for 14 days and connect Signaturit with Google Docs to enjoy all its advantages during your free trial.

If you want to know more about how our electronic signature solution can help your company, you can download the following whitepaper. You can also contact us by sending an email to info@signaturit.com or by calling +34 93 551 14 80.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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