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Last week on Thursday April 14th, we teamed up with KantoxNovicap and Captio to organize a session targeting directors of small and medium-sized enterprises with the title: “Technological Solutions for Managing SMEs.”

During the event, we looked at how our electronic signature solution - and those of our co-organizers in the fields of currency exchange, invoice deductions and travel cost management respectively - turn out to be highly accessible for SMEs and provide tangible short-term benefits that boost return on investment.

The event was structured around practical case studies, with the organizers inviting one of their clients to illustrate how each solution is used in real time. Signaturit invited Matías Pueyo, Managing Director of Lleuresport to explain how his company uses our electronic signature solution when issuing employment contracts.

This post is also available in Spanish.


Lleuresport, an example of a company using digital contract management

Signaturit provided the first talk at the event and our Accounts Executive, Javier Pazos, took to the stage to introduce Lleuresport’s Managing Director, Matías Pueyo.

Lleuresport is a Barcelona-based company with 500 employees dedicated to the promotion of culture, education and sport. Since 1992 it has provided management services and events promotion to various civic centers, sports clubs and schools and has a presence at 13 facilities in Spain.

In Pueyo’s words, the sports sector is dogged by a number of complexities, particularly in human resources, as many of its activities are seasonal, creating a continual need to draw up new contracts: Lleuresport alone must issue between 100 and 150 labor contracts on a monthly basis.

LLeuresport_Signaturit.jpgMatías Pueyo, Lleuresport General Director, demonstrates how his company uses Signaturit.

Until recently, this particular task required three dedicated members of staff, who had to literally carry bags-worth of contracts between centers and Lleuresport headquarters, an unavoidable task that was not only time-consuming but with decidedly little added value for the human resources department.

Clearly this system suffered from time, cost and resource-based inefficiencies. Added to which, all contracts were paper-based, requiring a printer and scanner, thus delaying the signing process – something that a company in the service industry cannot afford to do in the long run.

After discovering Signaturit’s electronic signature solution and using it to request and facilitate contract signings, Lleuresport literally experienced a “before” and “after” with respect to their contract management process.

Thanks to digitization, the signing process can now be done remotely and automatically, saving vast amounts of transport and document processing time: what once took on average ten days can now be completed in just 37 minutes, the lowest average processing time among all electronic signature solutions on the market.

In addition, Lleuresport has been able to reduce transportation costs and eliminate the need for storage space, since Signaturit allows access to a contracts archive quickly, securely and in a decentralized manner via the cloud.

For Matías Pueyo, using Signaturit has meant that the human resources department has been able to free up a considerable amount of time that they can now dedicate to other tasks instead of losing it through contract administration, such as updating and improving its portal for employees.

At the end of his speech, Pueyo stated that Lleuresport also plans to make extensive use of Signaturit in other areas of its business. For example, he sees great potential using it at numerous centers for extracurricular activities where parents and students are required to sign forms. The number of forms needing to be signed is significant, and team leaders are the ones currently enlisted to provide the transportation duties. With Signaturit’s electronic solution, there is now an opportunity to radically improve the process.

Success stories from the session’s co-organizers

Once Signaturit had presented their solution through practical examples, Kantox gave the floor to Eulalia Grau, Chief Financial Officer of DMI, who explained how mobility solutions offered by currency trading platform Kantox have allowed them to cease paying banks ambiguous commissions to completing all payments in a context of complete transparency and at a much lower cost.

Following that talk, Joaquim Perez, Director General of Gussinyer, spoke of how his nuclear and petrochemical engineering platform uses invoice deductions provided by NoviCap.

Perez explained that his sector "is heavy on contracting suppliers and requesting approvals, requiring us to have sufficient levels of liquidity during project execution since we do not invoice until their completion.” NoviCap allows them to offer services with a "fast and transparent" invoice deduction system that works "in just 24 or 48 hours and without requiring personal guarantees as requested by the banks themselves."

Novicap_Gussinyer.jpgCEO Joaquim Pérez shows hoy Novicap is used by his company Gussinyer.

Finally, Jordi Tormo, Director of IT Crisolar, talked about how his company – a leading producer of dried fruits and nuts – digitally manages the travel expenses of employees using Captio.

For Tormo, the fact that only one photograph allows each receipt to be "analyzed, checked to ensure its alignment with our policy and forwarded to the finance department" is a facility that is "recognized and praised by some employees who often are reluctant or inexpert in the handling of technology. "

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all attendees and for your interest in our solution, as well as thanking co-organizers KantoxNovicap and Captio for their support.

If you could not attend the event but are interested to try out Signaturit for the scanning and signing contracts in your company, you can do so for 14 days completely free of charge.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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