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This month we spoke with Alexander Flores, our current DevOps and former Front-end. Lales (as we also know him in the office) is a person with high curiosity. He studied Telecommunications Engineering, specialising in Telematics, making him an expert in linking computing and communication technology. Bingo! It was perfect for Signaturit! It is not by chance that he was one of the first to begin this project in revolutionising digital communication.

He is a fan of table games, sports and new technologies, always has a smile on his face and is always in a good mood. How did he achieve this? Eating very healthily. Is that the secret? All this in addition to having the patience of a saint, thanks to being the official mediator between his cat and dog. A total Catalan Dalai Lama!

In our post today we interview this true gentleman and one of Signaturit's most important linchpins

This post is also available in Spanish.

Meet our DevOps, Alex Flores

1. How did you discover Signaturit?

The truth is that it was totally casual. I was working in the Incubio incubator, as a developer when I was introduced to Juan and his electronic signature project.

At that time I was a young man eager for challenges and wanted to participate in this from the beginning. When we started it was just the two of us taking the risk together. We have been together since then. Professionally of course ;) 

2. How would you describe your work?

Every day is a surprise. When you launch a startup nothing seems to be done and everything is yet to be done. The good thing about that is that when building something you discover there is never just one single path, or only one correct one. 

3. What is the overall purpose of your position?

I'm currently the DevOps. My main role is to keep things running, both the Signaturit platform, as well as the office overall. Specifically, my purpose is to automate all processes to avoid repetitive tasks and to monitor all services to ensure that everything is kept in order. I also try to offer support to the team of developers to make their tasks easier. 


4. What have you learned from working in the IT?

The truth is that it's a bit of everything. I started 5 years ago, without much idea of the reality of what I was getting into. It has been a step by step process, on the basis of doing and re-doing things as I learnt and improved, reaching levels of perfection, almost like a Greek demi-god, as all IT signabuddies will attest to.

Of course I've been wrong over the years, but this has helped me to learn and now nothing gets past me.

5. How is a typical day in Signaturit for you?

The most important thing is to get to the office, drink a coffee and start functioning. Once my mind starts working I start my day by looking over my emails and the state of the platform.

Apart from that, which is my basic routine, each day is different as my duties are very varied. From helping my friend Leyre with his monitor because he says it's haunted and won't work, to automating functionalities for the infrastructure and solving problems as quickly as possible to offer the best service to our users.

6. What do you value most about working in Signaturit?

The freedom to propose and implement the solutions that we want (as long as they are accurate) for various problems. As I mentioned earlier, I've learned that there isn't one single way to solve something, and that innovative spirit is what fascinates me most. 

7. What are your biggest challenges in Signaturit?

My biggest challenge is to get what we have created to keep growing. Going from a team of only two people to one with more than 50 and to keep looking towards something bigger. To grow without dying in the attempt and in a stable manner. 

To go from a platform used by a few people to one used by thousands of people is exciting, but a big responsibility at the same time. It is a challenge the whole IT team faces on a daily basis.



8. What do you like most about working in such an innovative sector?

The use of new technologies without a doubt. Being a young company and with an equally young technical team, we are not satisfied with doing things as they have always been done and we want to talk in terms of innovation. We know how things have been done up until now, but at Signaturit we want to build for tomorrow.

We apply the latest technologies in the sector, blockchain and machine learning for example, are already part of our day-to-day activities. Our goal is to find new solutions and provide the best services for our users' past and future needs. 

EN_What is a Signabuddy_Signaturit.png

9. What are the characteristics of a Signabuddy for you?

Initiative, proactivity and boldness.

10. What would you recommend for future Signabuddies?

Don't be afraid to propose crazy ideas to your peers, both for work and outside the office. :)

This post is also available in Spanish.


“This code is correct”

Alex Flores' favorite quote, 
DevOps at Signaturit. 

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