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From Jerez de la Frontera, to Granada, Seville, Madrid and two years ago Barcelona. With a "guiri" face, but with a Cadiz accent, our Content Writer and head of Social Media could say that she is a little restless, skillful with the dictionary and a quick joke.

She holds a Bachelor in Law and Political Science and is passionate about film, music and any artistic and / or social event. As her mother says, "She signs up for a bombardment without a helmet".

Meet in this interview Leyre, the Signabuddy hispter -according to her colleagues- who types with a compass from the south.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Meet our Content Writer and Social Media, Leyre Soto

1. How did you discover Signaturit?

While I was working at TribeScal, a startup that offered a communication tool to coordinate work teams, a colleague told me about Signaturit and that they were looking for a Content Writer and Social Media.

When I saw the offer and read that it was a provider of trust services (eSignatures, eDelivery and eID) based on the European regulations eIDAS, I understood that my legal training was perfect for this position. I could combine my legal knowledge with my desire to write and I would also continue to be trained in Digital Marketing.

They were looking for me and with that confidence I sent my cv. That was more than a year ago and I'm still very happy to be part of this team.


2. How would you describe your work?

My family and my friends today are still asking me what I really do, so this question is great for me to explain.

My function is to use the words and transform them into content to attract an audience to our services. Establish a connection with the digital public that surfs the Internet to increase our turnover.

In a sentence, as Content Writer I must inform, instruct, entertain and persuade with the aim of selling.


3. What is the overall purpose of your position?

My general purpose is to attract and retain potential customers through the words from the different digital channels (social networks, search engines, email, etc.) to our services.

For this, a correct diffusion in social networks is key to the success of any content. If you can understand and master them, you have the secret of eternal life online and you will be the new Messiah influencer.


Leyre in our offices

4. What have you learned from working in the Marketing Department?

Content Writers not only write articles and whitepapers. We have to be Marketing specialists, skilled writers with SEO knowledge, social media specialists and much more.
It is a job where you learn everything, it is transcendental and you always need to be attentive to trends and be in continuous evolution.

Also, in the Marketing department we are in direct contact with other departments from which I also learn and do not stop teaching myself new things.

5. How is a typical day in Signaturit for you?

I greet Victoria, a new addition to the Finance Department and Office Manager who is in reception, turn on the computer and prepare a coffee.

Already seated at my table begins the dance of tabs, open in the two screens of the computer: excell of content, excell of social media, all social networks, and the web page of radio 3 with the program of "Hoy starts everything".

Every Monday morning we meet the Marketing team to set the objectives of the week and organize the tasks. It is easy to know every day what I have to close. Order is paramount to carry everything up to date.

I usually start with social media and answer the messages of our followers or share current news that is interesting in our sector. Creating a community around us and taking care of them is a primary objective. Next, I write, write and write content that I later publish and disseminate in social media: blog post, whitepapers, success stories, guides on new products, etc.

I also manage translations for all the markets in which we are present, review content to update and improve it, coordinate with my design colleague the final documents and bring up my ideas (this part I love).

I also keep in mind to help my colleagues in the Sales department in everything they need so that our potential clients understand clearly what Signaturit is and how we can help them.


6. What do you value most about working in Signaturit?

Content Writers often have to specialize in a theme and a style but Signaturit gives me the option to write with different types of tone and from different areas: HR, legal, insurance sector, new technology, finance, etc.

This allows me to develop the ability to write various subjects, since our contents are multiple, which I value very much.

In addition to being a mediated team - although it grows by seconds - I can participate and contribute to other departments and learn from more experienced managers. It is a pleasure.

There is a lot of work and deadlines to reach, but there is always room to listen and help each other for as many of our services where we continue to grow in.

I also value a lot, being able to work with bulerías and indie rock. Not without my music headphones.

7. What are your biggest challenges in Signaturit?

To be a good Content Writer, it is essential to know how to use different tools and platforms in this field, as well as to have notions of SEO and HTML.

As for SEO for example, you have to constantly update, as new changes arise and the search engine algorithms change frequently as if they played chess with you.

My biggest challenges in Signaturit are those. Be able to be up to date and move forward to the next play with creativity and order.


Leyre in our kitchen with the coffee machine that we adore

8. What do you like most about working in such an innovative sector?

I come from the legal sector where it seems that nothing moves and the mahogany furniture is still a trend. That is why I value this sector of new technologies very much where everything evolves at the speed of light. New services, techniques, systems, etc. All very fast and where IT colleagues look like magicians.
That constant movement that requires you to be up to date with what is happening in the whole world, I love it.

EN_What is a Signabuddy_Signaturit.png

9. What are the characteristics of a Signabuddy for you?

It sounds super topical and rubs the corny but to be a good person. Seriously, I believe that we form a work team that is supported and has fun, where there is no room for unnecessary tension. It is very sad to see companies where it is noticeable that there is a voiceover behind everything that clouds the environment.

A Signabuddy is transparent, understanding, hardworking, responsible, generous and with a sense of humor. And if it's not all these qualities at least try and make you want.

Oh! And he/she is modern in mind. Being innovative in digital is not enough, also in spirit :)

10. What would you recommend for future Signabuddies?

They do not close themselves, that they ask, that they investigate, that they read. That they are restless in definitive. It is a very interesting company where you can learn a lot from all the departments and gain in confidence and security.

We really form a work team that supports and has fun together. Personally, it calms me a lot to know that if I give everything, they will also take care of me and listen to me. So that would be my recommendation, give everything and base your employment relationship on mutual trust. It sounds like a super cup phrase - what a horror - but that's what I think.

This post is also available in Spanish.


   “I have a mercury glove and an other made of silk”

Leyre Soto' favorite quote, 
Content Writer and Social Meida 
at Signaturit. 

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