Signabuddies: Pau Soler, backend developer at Signaturit

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Today we present you to Pau. Our veteran backend developer shares his experience in Signaturit.

Born in Lloret de Mar, a town in Costa Brava, Pau arrived to Barcelona to study Computer Engineering at the Barcelona School of Informatics (FIB), an UPC Faculty.

Despite being a developer, he doesn’t fit the classical developer stereotype. He doesn't eat pizza everyday and doesn't stay at home in front of a screen during the weekend. He loves going to the gym, going out with friends, and is a big fan of 80s movies. Yes, the Goonies or Back to the future are two of his favorite films (of course!).

If you want to know more about Pau, don't miss his interview in this post.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Meet our backend developerPau Soler


1. How did you discover Signaturit?

After working for almost one year in Everis, a consulting firm that traps innocent workers fresh out of university, I understood that the consulting world wasn't for me. I didn't think about it twice, and decided to look for more interesting destinations.

At that time there were famous software companies in Barcelona, such as Social Point. However, I was very intrigued by Incubio, a startup incubator..

Incubio looked like what I was looking for: latest technologies, post-its on walls, agile methodology, Pizza Mondays .... In sum, a work culture that seemed like a paradise to me.

So, I began to work at Incubio. I joined to develop a data mining project, but since the person responsible for the project was absent, they suggested a temporary alternative.

This is how I got involved with one of Incubio’s startups, Signaturit; whose team was formed by the CEO, Juan Zamora, and a developer, Alex Flores (Lales). What was going to be temporary (one month), has turned into four years. And here I continue! And Lales too!


2. How would you describe your work?

A developer's job is a complex job. It’s not only sitting in front of a computer, writing code and eating Doritos.

We spend a lot of time thinking about how to focus on new developments and improve what we have, and about how to make a strong code that’s robust, scalable and sexy.

And this is a big part of my work, as Signaturit’s backend code is the code that supports the logic of the tool, and must be impeccable.

My goal is that there are zero errors and that our users can use   our platform smoothly and intuitively. #NoDramas


3. What is the overall purpose of your position?

On one hand, Signaturit gives total priority to our customers. Due to this, I often have to stop coding and work hand in hand with our support team, since there can be anything from incidents to several questions from clients regarding our API.

The rest of the time, I work in Signaturit’s backend code, where we try to balance time dedicated to development, product improvements (new features), and internal improvements on our own code, whether in speed, scalability or robustness.

This last part is the most important, although it’s not usually appreciated by our users, since they cannot perceive a tangible improvement in the product.


Pau at work.

4. What do you like most about working in the IT Department?

Personally, I love to program and in Signaturit’s IT Department I have the opportunity to make magic with the code and unleash my creativity.

Everyday I have the opportunity to challenge myself and implement new technologies for an interesting project that I really like.  

Ultimately, I believe that the most important thing when you’re a developer is that you like the product. As a professional, if you have to develop something that bores you or doesn’t convince you, you will end up writing code out of inertia. And this leads to poor quality and, probably, too many bugs.


5. How is a typical day in Signaturit for you?

Starting the day without coffee should be prohibited. I generally go to the office early and have breakfast there while I check the news. Basically, the latest posts in, the biggest Spanish-speaking forum.

As we take turns for providing customer support, on the days that I am responsible for that I generally review the list of pending tickets that require my immediate attention.

In this way, the support team can start working right away and our clients receive quick responses, which is fundamental for everyone.

After organizing the day, we have a meeting first thing in the morning (which we call the daily), where all of us who work in the IT Department (or shurmanitos, as we tend to call ourselves) share our tasks and what we're going to do in the day.

From there, I usually put on my headphones and concentrate on the assigned tasks. These can range from pure development to improvements in the current product. (If you see a developer with headphones on, don't bother him. He is making magic!).


6. What do you value most about working in Signaturit?

Seeing how a project that I started from scratch has grown and is having a real impact on thousands of users and companies. Normally you don't get that opportunity: to see how something that you have developed has a daily impact on so many people. That is a unique experience that not many companies can offer.

Sometimes there are chocolate cookies, and this is also important. Well, I should have said this in the first place.


Pau together with his colleagues.


7. What are your biggest challenges in Signaturit?

Making a product that’s scalable, robust, and supports a large number of users. In other words, a product that improves everyday. We have an enormous product, a software with many clients, and nothing should alter our clients’ daily use (for the worse, I mean. All improvements are welcome :P).


8. What do you like most about working in such an innovative sector?

The way of working at Signaturit fits in a lot with my life philosophy. Nowadays, sitting for 8 hours in front of a computer, and then going home is outdated.  

At Signaturit we have the opportunity to manage our schedule, which is essential to me. Only you know when you are most productive and what is the moment of the day in which you have the most energy. If you add the freedom on how to implement tasks and what technologies to use, you develop yourself in an environment where you can grow and learn a lot.

EN_What is a Signabuddy_Signaturit.png

9. What are the characteristics of a Signabuddy for you? 

A Signabuddy must know how to have fun and, if you're a developer, you must have an account in (it's a joke! haha). A Signabuddy is passionate about his/her job, and at the same time knows how to enjoy free time in the office,  together with the rest of the team

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a break and playing with our water guns with the support or design department. And after the break, keep working of course!

And when you are mentally exhausted, it’s great to have a beer with all the IT shurmanitos, along with the rest of the team from other departments, who are also good people!

Because you have to know how to have fun, and work hard at the same time. If you think of work as an obligation, you will get less out of it than if you do it because you like it.


10. What would you recommend for future Signabuddies?

Come with a desire to work and have fun at the same time! We’ll show you how to work hard, how to write good code if you come to the IT Department, and how to improve your Tinder profile to connect with great people in this fun city.

With us, you will also discover that eating pizza is truly healthy, and you’ll learn to drink gin tonics with style.

You may think that working in a startup is hard work, but at the same time, we know how to have a good time. I’ve been here 4 years and I don't regret it. Surely you won’t either.

This post is also available in Spanish.


   " You can surround yourself with mediocre people and believe that you are the best, or surround yourself with the best and continue learning.” 

     - David Marchante

      Pau Soler´s favorite quote,  

     backend developer at Signaturit

Join Signaturit's Team! #Signabuddy

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