Signabuddies: Santi Muñoz, DevOps Engineer at Signaturit

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Our colleague Santi is a Computer Engineering graduate specializing in software design from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has been interested in computers since he was a child, and is still finding new technologies today that attract him to the computer world that goes unnoticed for most people.

When the working week is over after hours in front of black screens and white letters, what he most wants is to meet his friends, either to play board games or to go trekking in the mountains.

During the week the beers on a terrace somewhere with his Signafriends give him the energy to keep coming to the office every morning with a big smile on his face and in a good mood. The days when he is not working from home of course :)

If you want to get to know Santi more, and his Kim Jong mask which he wears from time to time, keep reading this post which contains an interview with him.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Meet our DevOps Engineer, Santi Muñoz

1. How did you discover Signaturit?

Looking for a new challenge in my professional career with the intention of growing and acquiring new knowledge I came across a job offer of Signaturit. One day I was invited to meet the team and right then I knew I wanted to work with them, and it wasn’t just because of the terrace with a BBQ or the poufs with video game console! ;)

2. How would you describe your work?

It is a very exciting role because it is very dynamic. I am always researching and implementing new technologies, while at the same time working with all the infrastructure behind the product and I feel that I am adding value to the company.

3. What is the overall purpose of your position?

One of my main responsibilities is making sure the platform is always available, even if it is snowing, a hurricane blows through the offices or I’m sunbathing on an Indonesian beach.

To achieve this, I spend a lot of time analysing processes, configuring alarms and services that monitor and deal with potential problems autonomously.

Apart from all this, I am also in charge of designing and automating all the processes so that the time between development and production is as short as possible.

And the most rewarding part is being able to help my developer colleagues to put their daily work into production.


Santi in our offices

4. What have you learned from working in the IT Department?

From my point of view, the most important thing is teamwork, learning to work with your colleagues. Having a very good working and personal relationship makes it very productive and enjoyable.

5. How is a typical day in Signaturit for you?

Every day is different, part of my time is spent on improving processes that already exist or automating manual processes.

Working with multidisciplinary teams allows me to use state-of-the-art technologies that always represent a challenge, but always with an eye on the operation of the platform in case there is something that wants to disturb my inner peace.

6. What do you value most about working in Signaturit?

The flat hierarchy that characterizes startups allows me to take responsibility, develop professionally and personally without barriers in my way.

I don’t envy other reputable startups at all. We have a very well-kept office with leisure areas, a great terrace with BBQ (I’m mentioning it again because it gives me life), ping-pong, chill-out areas... And if we add the team of professionals with a super nice work environment to this, it is all you need to get up every day and go to work with great enthusiasm.

7. What are your biggest challenges in Signaturit?

Apart from not getting poked with something on one of my walks in socks around the office, my biggest challenge is making sure my colleagues can focus their efforts on developing the product without distractions.

The platform has to work without interruption and the problems must be resolved autonomously. In short, making sure nobody gets an alarm while they are skiing. :)


Santi in our terrace.

8. What do you like most about working in such an innovative sector?

Learning and constant growth, and the opportunities to work with new technologies, something you cannot find in most companies.

The company's growth perspective is also a very motivating factor.

EN_What is a Signabuddy_Signaturit.png

9. What are the characteristics of a Signabuddy for you?

A very proactive person with a desire to work and a great team player. I know how to enjoy work and afterwork beers.

That knows how to leave his comfort zone to constantly face new challenges and not to get too comfortable. Everything can be improved.

10. What would you recommend for future Signabuddies?

Not to be afraid of making mistakes or of suggesting crazy ideas. We are all here to help each other and carry out very innovative projects, where the only barrier is our own imagination.

* Just to be clear, Santi is not short for Santiago.

This post is also available in Spanish.


   “Happiness equals reality minus expectations”

Santi Muñoz' favorite quote, 
DevOps Engineer at Signaturit. 

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