Signaturit & DAS Spain participate together in Instech London

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On the 24th of September 
Instech London takes place at the beautiful venue SteelYard in the British capital. Signaturit will be participating together with the insurance company DAS where they will be co-presenting a new solution for the insurance industry based on Blockchain

Instech London is the place to be for entrepreneurs, investors and professionals when it comes to innovation in insurance technology. By attending the event you can explore how each segment - InsurTech, Proptech and LawTech - is developing and at the same time influencing and affecting each other.

If you want to know more about the event and how we are participating, keep reading!

This post is also available in Spanish.


The emerge of Instech London

Instech London, was formed in April 2015 as an attempt to recreate the ecosystem that was serving the FinTech community so well. Given the opportunities they saw arising in the financial sector, they wanted to create something similar in the insurance industry which is today the community for all insurance innovation enthusiasts.

It's a place where entrepreneurs bring their ideas, professionals share their challenges and investors find opportunities across the market. Today, the organization counts more than 2000 members, amongst others: EYMS Amlin and Munich RE. Instech London holds several events per year, including the upcoming Instech London event on the 24th of September.

During this event, we will hear amongst others from CourtQuant, a company specialized in calculating and analyzing the outcome prediction in court, based on litigation history and barristers and law firms with the highest winning chances. Another presenter will be Leverton Ai, a company that provides an AI powered data extraction platform for corporate documents.


Signaturit's & DAS Spain's co-participation in Instech London

In Spain, 
DAS has become the reference insure company in the sector of Legal Protection, thanks to its commitment to innovation and we are proud that we can call them already for several years one of our loyal customers.

During the past months we have been collaborating together with DAS Spain in order to develop a new solution which is particularly applicable in the insurance industry. This new solution is based on Blockchain technology which will be launched for the first time during the event.

Both CEOs, Juan Zamora of Signaturit and Jordi Rivera of DAS Spain will be live on stage at Instech London.


"The speed in understanding customers' needs and responding with appropriate service solutions is nowadays the key to success for any insurance company"

- Jordi Rivera, CEO of DAS Spain -


What is blockchain technology exactly?

Let us first start with clarifying what Blockchain technology is.

Blockchain is a distributed database that stores digital transaction records. A digital transaction can be information or any representation of value: money, facts, identities, etc.

Instead of having a central administrator, as in traditional databases, Blockchain is made up of a network of nodes in which the database is replicated. This network is synchronized through the Internet and can be seen by all its participants.

When any digital transaction is carried out, it is secured through cryptography and sent to the network so that its members can verify the transaction.

Each new block contains a series of trustworthy transactions that are associated with the previous block. The set of blocks form a chain, and hence its name in English: “Block-chain”.

The chain of blocks contains all the transactions made in history of that Blockchain in particular, which implies a series of unprecedented benefits in terms of the security of transactions.

Our newest solution in collaboration with DAS Spain is based on this technology which will be launched during the event, therefore currently we cannot provide any more details yet.



Agenda of Instech London

Instech London takes place at the 
SteelYard which was once the main trading base of the Hanseatic League in London during the 15th and 16th century. Now, the place has transformed into a club during the weekend and corporate event space during weekdays.

Date & time:
 24th of September at 5:30 PM


5:30 pm - 6:14 pm


6:15 pm - 8:29 pm

Several presentations held by insurance innovation enthusiasts.

8:30 pm - till end

Networking moment



Are you curious 
to see how insurance is going to change and be changed? Then don't hesitate to attend Instech London, where will be illustrated by interesting speakers the importance of looking beyond the narrow realm of InsurTech.

Furthermore you will get the scoop to know more about our innovative collaboration with DAS Spain.

Registering for the event is possible by clicking on below link:

See you there!




This post is also available in Spanish.


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