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If your company has a sales team that travels often, you need a CRM like ForceManager, which is specifically designed for highly mobile sales teams, either those who move around within a city, or between cities, provinces or countries.

Thanks to Signaturit’s integration with ForceManager, this powerful multi-device software is even more complete, since it adds to its multiple features the possibility to sign agreements or sales contracts with the advanced electronic signature from anywhere, directly from a tablet or smartphone.

In this post we explain what benefits Signaturit brings to ForceManager and what integration options are available.

This post is also available in Spanish.

Why does the electronic signature help sales teams to increase sales?

If you are a sales agent or if you manage a sales team that travels frequently, you will know perfectly well the phases or stages of the sales cycle, which are basically six:

  1. Client prospecting.
  2. Scheduling a first appointment or interview with the client.
  3. Detecting the client’s needs.
  4. Proposing the solution.
  5. Closing the sale.
  6. Follow up after the sale.

Depending on the product and type of customer, this sales process can be completed in a matter of days, but can also require weeks or even months. There are always issues that depend on the client, and therefore cannot be controlled.

But what you can determine and control are the tools that will help your sales team to streamline each one of the stages of the process and finish it as quickly and easily as possible, for both your customers as well as your own sales agents.

And one of these tools is the electronic signature, which is fundamental for the key phase in the entire sales process: the closing phase. 

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In this instantaneous era, it can not take days for a customer to accept  a sales proposal until finally closing the deal by signing a contract. And the reality is that today 
many companies rely on paper to finish a sales process. 

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This process no longer makes sense in the digital era, especially when solutions such as our electronic signature allow to sign all types of documents and contracts remotely, with full legal validity.  And of course without having to print anything, as the signature can be done from any device: desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

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Therefore, the electronic signature is a key tool in any sales process that is up to date using new technologies.

What is ForceManager?

ForceManager is a mobile CRM, which means it is specially designed to automate and optimize sales processes for sales teams with high mobility.

Thanks to this software, vendors and sales agents have all of the information at hand that they need to carry out any sales process from beginning to end, and wherever they may be.

In addition to having a record of all interactions with each client, it allows to update the sales agenda, manage tasks, make sales proposals, process orders and detect new opportunities on the go and in real time, from any mobile device - tablet, smartphone or smartwatch.  

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All of these and many more functionalities make it a very powerful sales management tool, that contributes to streamline and optimize all the phases of the sales process.

And to perfect the 5th phase of the process - closing the sale - we couldn't miss the option of integrating our electronic signature solution into their software, to minimize the time clients take to sign contracts. 


What does it mean for Signaturit to be integrated with ForceManager?

It means that you can send contracts to sign directly from ForceManager´s software with the same legal and security guarantees that you would have if you send it to be signed directly from Signaturit’s platform.

The integration with ForceManager is possible thanks to our API, which allows to integrate our electronic signature solution with any third party software.

More information: Introducing our API, or how to integrate Signaturit into your CRM or ERP.

What are the benefits of integrating Signaturit with ForceManager?

  1. Close sales contracts fast and legally, which accelerates completing sales processes and obtaining results.

  2. Safe transactions with legal guarantees: signing a contract with the advanced electronic signature has many more legal guarantees than if it is signed the traditional way, with a pen and on paper.

  3. Reduce follow-up times and contract management: our electronic signature solution allows to know the status of a contract in real time, and to send reminders in case it is not signed by a specific date. All online.

  4. Make it easier for clients to sign the contract: who likes having to print documents to sign them? No one. Make it easier for your clients to sign contracts, and they will more than thank you. 

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How does Signaturit integrate with ForceManager? 

There are two ways to integrate Signaturit with ForceManager:

If you are already a ForceManager client and you want to include the option for your sales agents to send contracts to sign directly from this tool, you have to access your account with the administrator profile.

From this profile, in the Settings menu look for the Integrations option. From there, you can see the plans and prices that ForceManager makes available so you can use Signaturit from their platform. 

In this link you will find all of the information that you need to integrate and start using Signaturit from ForceManager.

If you have any questions regarding our electronic signature solution, or how to integrate Signaturit into your CRM or ERP, don't hesitate to get in contact with us through the following form:

This post is also available in Spanish.

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