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2016 has just kicked off and to celebrate we’d like to take a look back at our company’s press coverage over the past year. In 2015, Signaturit was featured in a number of key financial publications as a company with international projection, supported by solid investors and partners.

In this post, we’d like to share the highlights that have made 2015 a crowning year of achievement for our company.

This post is also available in Spanish.

First quarter: new perspectives and Mobile World Congress 

In January 2015, Telefonica’s innovation blog Think Big wrote an extensive article on several Spanish startups that had participated in European acceleration programmes. Juan Zamora, Signaturit CEO and co-founder, was interviewed about Signaturit's participation at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, an experience that Juan considered "a great opportunity" for the company’s global expansion and future team building.

In February, the Spanish financial newspaper Expansion interviewed our CEO in an article entitled "Tech startup Signaturit is seeking €600,000", which made official news of our first round of funding.

During February and early March, our participation at the Mobile World Congress caught the attention of several publications, including Expansion and La Vanguardia, who considered us among the leading representatives of Spanish tech companies at the Catalonia stand.

Second quarter: funding secured

In April, we announced the completion of our second round of funding, having secured €600,000 thanks to generous support from Banco Sabadell (in the context of its BStartup 10 programme), ESADE BAN as well as a research and development grant issued by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

This pivotal moment in the company’s history was covered in an article by journalist Tina Diaz for the newspaper Expansion in which our CEO indicated that part of the amount would be allocated to the hiring of new talent for the company.

La Vanguardia also covered the news in its print edition and our press release was widely picked up by numerous digital entities, including news agency Europa Press, Spanish newspaper El Economista and other online publications including Eureka Startups and Loogic.

Throughout July, more articles on the same topic were published due to ESADE’s announcement that they had amassed over €4 million from seed capital investors. The business school described its subsequent investment in our company as one of the main operations that had enabled it to raise such an impressive amount of capital.

In August, Expansion heightened the buzz around Signaturit by including us in a list of the biggest tech-related investments made during the first half of 2015.

Outstanding audiovisual presence

Three audiovisual media outlets featured our eSignature solution and each proved a valuable platform to promote our product, its simplicity of use and its strict compliance with the law.

In April, El Mundo dedicated one of its Banco Santander-sponsored bulletins on SMEs to Signaturit. A video presentation of our eSignature solution drove a significant amount of traffic to our website and offered an effective of understanding how our tool differs from that of our competitors.

Also in April, the Bankinter-sponsored publication "Si a la pyme le va bien" wrote an article about how our solution is used to digitally sign contracts, as well as how it is geared to help both freelancers and companies of any size or sector.

Finally, in early December, TVE2’s Saturday slot on entrepreneurship and new economy ideas featured a report on Signaturit followed by an interview with our CEO Juan Zamora about Signaturit's history and how our product works.

Other appearances

In September, newspaper El Mundo explored a prominent question in the technology sector: is there an ideal place in the world to start a business?

The article featured the opinions of CEOs from several Spanish startups that have thrived in foreign markets, such as Signaturit with its sales subsidiary in Amsterdam due to the company’s participation in Startupbootcamp Amsterdam. Juan Zamora expressed the need for the Spanish business sector to have "more instruments and players who invest in startups, especially those at an intermediate stage of development." He also declared that large companies should be more eager to adopt technology that comes with the label “made in Spain.”

In September, Spanish magazine Emprendedores conducted an in-depth interview with our CEO, offering yet another opportunity for Signaturit's history, subscription process and the perks of our eSignature solution to be known.

In December several publications reported on prizes won by Signaturit, including the Fest-UP Award and the Startup Tour HandsOn Award, the latter of which will soon be giving us an opportunity to get first-hand experience of working in none other than Silicon Valley. We were also one of five startups commended by Generacción, an initiative promoted by Deloitte and the Cotec Foundation.

In addition to articles in specialised online newspapers such as "Todo Startups", Spanish news agency EFE gave us a write-up with the headline: "Signaturit experiences its strongest moment yet with three awards."  It was the cherry on the cake to a year in which the media have been far from indifferent to our constant evolution.

In short, 2015 has been a brilliant year for Signaturit!

If you would like to know more about how our electronic signature solution works, you can download the following whitepaper or try Signaturit for free by clicking here.

This post is also available in Spanish.

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